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Commercial Services

Here are just what a few of our clients had to say. We also won State awards for landscape grounds management commercial landscape enhancement. On the snow side we have been awarded the very coveted Excellence in Business Award. Chris James Landscaping has also been featured in many business magazines and newspapers.

quoteShiseido Sr. Facility Supervisor
June 8, 1998
I take pleasure in writing this letter of reference for Chris James Landscaping Inc. Shiseido America Inc. and Chris James Landscaping Inc. have a two year affiliation in which Chris James Landscaping is responsible for all our landscaping and snow removal requirements.In the two winters past, Chris James monitored our facility continuously and kept our parking lots and sidewalks snow and ice-free. In the occasions we had spot problems, such as icing, his company responded promptly when notified and rectified problems completely.Our landscaping and mowing needs are handled in a professional manner. Chris James monitors the condition of our grounds, plants, shrubs and trees continuously and makes repairs or recommendations when required.Chris James Landscaping, Inc. has fulfilled every expectation that I had. I am so pleased with his efforts I have entered into a multi year agreement for all our snow removal and lawn care needs. I do not hesitate in recommending his company to anyone in need of his professional services.Should you desire any further information please request my contact information from Chris.

Chris James Landscaping and Shiseido are still working together 10 years later. They provide us with a fair budget and long term agreement and we provide them with great curb appeal in the landscape season and accessibility and a safe environment in the winter.

quoteFacilities EngineeringAramis, Inc.
Chris James Landscaping has been handling the landscaping and snow removal at our facility for the past eleven years.You will find that his response time and thoroughness to be very good. The past three years we have used an all-inclusive contract to cover the landscaping and snow removal. This arrangement has worked out very well especially from the snow removal standpoint. As severe as this past winter, our lot was cleared and salted in a timely manner.Our landscaping care has been handled with the same care. The lawn and gardens are one of the nicest in the industrial park.If you have any other questions concerning Chris James Landscapint feel free to contact myself, Chris has my number.

Aramis is still a very happy client. We have serviced them for over 25 years and we are still going. How many of your vendors have met your expectations for over 25 years?

quotePink Ribbon Committee, Estee Lauder
We wanted to let you know how much we value your partnership and appreciate your generous contribution to the 2008 Pink Ribbon Open benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.Our mission to bring awareness and to find a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime would not be possible without you and your organization’s support. On behalf of the Northtec Pink Ribbon Committee and the Estee Lauder Companies, we thank you.