4 Ways To Get A Healthy Lawn

4 Ways To Get A Healthy Lawn

Many men (and women) can agree that a beautiful healthy lawn is what everyone wants. It makes the outdoors of your home look better. In the summer months it can sometimes be a hard task to keep it nice and green. The sun can get hot and the yard will become dry and yellow. 

Chris James Landscaping is a company with highly trained staff who dedicate themselves to helping people keep their lawns looking beautiful all year long. It can be very time consuming to upkeep and hiring help might be something that is needed. There are some steps that you can take to help ensure that your lawn is healthy and thriving.

Weed It Regularly

You can’t stop the growth of weeds from happening, but you can take care of them. You should pull weeds that grow in your lawn regularly from the root. There are spray chemicals that can be used on them if there are a lot of them or if they are just really stubborn. Weeds can take over your lawn if you let them get out of control. 

Aerate The Lawn

fThe root of the grass should extend lower than 2 inches deep. If that is not the case then it is time to aerate your lawn. You will want to water your grass two days before you are going to aerate. You will then use an aerator over the entire area and cover it with sand. 

This is going to allow water, air, and nutrients to get down into the root of the grass and help it to grow. When you perform this you should notice that your grass is stronger and overall more healthy. Giving you a more thick and pretty yard.

Seed The Lawn Often

Depending on the time of year that you are seeding your lawn will decide what type you should use. When you are doing this in the spring or early fall months you should use rye, fescue, or kentucky bluegrass. To seed your lawn when it is warmer outside you should use bermuda or zoysia grass seed.

Seeding the grass is done with a grass seed spreader onto dry ground. When you are finished spreading the seed you will water the ground very well. The next thing is to wait and see the grass start to grow in. 

Mow Properly

When you are mowing your lawn you should be careful not to cut it too short, to keep from weeds growing as much and drying out the grass. You want your grass to not get any shorter than two and a  half inches from the ground up. The ideal length is between two and a half to three inches tall, this allows the ground area to be shaded and reduces weed growth. 

Changing the direction that you mow in will help to keep the grass growing straight up. The other important tip is to make sure that your blades aren’t dull. Counterclockwise directions of mowing are recommended for longer grass. The back and forth pattern when mowing longer grass can actually cause harm to the mower from the build-up of grass. 

Let Us Help You Today

Chris James Landscaping provides full-service landscaping for residential and commercial needs. We would love to talk to you about the areas that you are needing to be taken care of. Our goal is to provide top care for all our clients and make sure that their yards look great all year long. Give us a call today if you are in Allendale, NJ, or surrounding areas to be on your way to a healthy yard.