Lawn Care And Landscaping Services Near Me

Why Choose Chris James Landscaping for Your Lawn Care?

If you’re looking for a great lawn in New Jersey, the team at Chris James Landscaping (CJL) has you covered. Our professional applicators know turf.

Lawn care is more about proper watering and mowing height. It’s both science and experience. We offer both a premium program featuring organic-based fertilizer and core aeration for the best lawn on the block. We also provide a basic program that offers value and an attractive price point.  Ask your CJL Representative for a recommendation.

Lawn care is a core requirement for full-service maintenance. Customers can select this service to be performed separately.

Lawn Care And Landscaping Services Near Me
Package 1

Premium Lawn Care

This package is designed for the discerning homeowner who wants to maximize curb appeal with a great-looking lawn from spring through fall. Services include:

  • 5 Organic-based fertilizer applications
  • Up to 2 pre-emergent weed control applications based on need (full sun or part shade)
  • Spot weed control at each visit based on visual inspection (Integrated Pest Management – IPM)
  • Turf Insect Control
  • Core aeration and light overseeding (a win-win for your lawn and the environment)
  • Autumn broadleaf weed control application

This professional lawn care program is best for clients seeking the utmost in quality residential landscaping services. This package takes a proactive approach to your turf, offering aeration, weed and grub control, and organic fertilizer. Synthetics and organics both have a place. Finding that balance while lowering our synthetic footprint is where CLJ is different from everyone else.

We also offer a wide range of add-on services that may meet your turf’s particular needs, including fungicide treatment, lime, or soil testing. Our landscaping contractors at CJL will happily review them with you. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.

Package 1
Package 2

Basic Lawn Care

This service is tailor-made for people who want a lush, well-kept lawn without spending an arm and a leg on landscape maintenance. Services include:

  • 3 Synthetic fertilizer applications
  • 1 Pre-emergent application (Crabgrass control)
  • 1 Turf Insect application
  • 1 Broad Leaf weed control application

This program is best for homes with a lot of shade or residents with a simple landscape design who want a nice, green, healthy lawn.

We offer additional individual services (including advanced weed care) that you can choose from to augment the basic service. Your CJL representative will be happy to go over all options with you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you’re looking for lawn care services near you, plus free estimates.

Package 2

Lawn Care Tips from the Pros

Deep Consistent Watering: Even the best residential lawn programs’ professional attention will not give you the results your outdoor space needs unless you water your lawn one to two times per week. Need help? We offer irrigation services.

Natural Lawn Care: Would you prefer the organic approach for your landscaping project? All our services and programs can be performed without pesticides. Speak to your CJL representative for details about our organic lawn care services. If you can live with some weeds, so can we.

Great Lawns Don’t Grow Overnight: It can take two to three years to get a damaged or poor lawn to look like the yard of your dreams. You can rely on CJL to be straight with you about the condition of your lawn and how we intend to fix it.

Keep Your Family and Pets Safe: A natural cedar oil spray is a good way to protect your family and pets from ticks, fleas, and mosquitos. Ask your CJL representative for more information

Have residential lawn care services, lawn mowing services, residential lawn programs, professional landscaping, or gardening questions? We have answers! If you need landscaping near you with free estimates, call Chris James Landscaping contractors in New Jersey.