5 Backyard Summer Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor Fun in NJ

Summertime means fun time in New Jersey. Everyone is looking to make the most of the nice weather. Thankfully you do not need to leave the confines of your back yard to have fun this summer. Read below to discover 5 backyard summer landscaping ideas for outdoor fun in NJ.

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1. Setup a water feature and patio in your backyard

Water features add a cool touch to a warm summer backyard. For those who might not want the expense or maintenance of a swimming pool, pop-up pools are a good option. They are also a great choice for those with limited space who still want to splash around on a hot day. A simple tarp and hose can be used as a makeshift slip-and-slide. Solar fountains add a decorative touch to any yard. A birdbath is a conversation piece that encourages all types of birds to visit your outdoor space. Consult with a local landscaper about adding a deck or patio to your yard where you can unwind on lazy summer days.

2. Create a miniature golf course

Kids and adults alike love to miniature golf. But, most folks only get out to a miniature golf course once or twice in the summer. An ideal solution for those who want to mini golf more often than that is to create a course in the back yard. Homemade mini golf courses provide a great creative outlet the entire family can take enjoy and are easy to set up. Each hole can be unique and custom-made by various items around the house and yard. The course can stay up all summer long or be easily taken down when everyone is done playing with it at the end of the day. Once you start playing on your very own mini golf course, you’ll never go back to the local putt-putt course again.

3. Create an outdoor movie theater

The days of the drive-in theater are long gone but you can create the next-best option in your back yard. Creating a backyard theater is not as tricky as you might think. Making a screen can be as simple as setting up a tightly pulled bed sheet. Other options include using a portable whiteboard or even purchasing an inflatable movie screen. Once the screen is set, you need to find a source to show the film. Any DVD or blue-ray player should do the trick. If you want to go old school, dig out that old VCR or even an 8-millimeter projector (if you still have one). Whatever you choose, make sure to have a long extension cord handy so you can hook it up to a power source. Next, it is time to create seating. Choose comfy yard chairs or chaise lounges. You can even set up big blankets on the grass for the kids to sit on. All that needs to be done after that is to choose the movie and make the popcorn!

4. Add an outdoor pizza oven

A great way to use a seemingly wasted space in the back yard is to install a pizza oven. Everyone loves pizza, making it a great addition that will get lots of use all summer long. Having a pizza oven right in the back yard will also allow you to experiment with different types of pizza and custom-make individual pizzas to please every member of the family. It is easy to find a back yard pizza oven to install. Just do a quick Internet search or check out your local big box store. If you are inclined to take on a DIY project, you can find instructions online as well.

5. Create a giant board game

Take a trip back to your childhood and set up a life-sized board game in the yard. Your choices are endless; it is easy to create a giant Twister board if you want to test your flexibility. If you prefer to stretch your mind, you can create a big chessboard or checkerboard. If you want to just kick back and have fun, you can set up a back yard bowling alley or pick-up sticks. If you are on the creative side, you can even create your own board game. Whatever your preference is, it is sure to give you hours of back yard fun.

You do not need to leave your back yard in order to have fun in New Jersey this summer. Just pick one or more of these ideas and create a unique back yard that everyone in the family will love and the neighbors are sure to envy.

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