5 Reasons Lawn Irrigation Is Important

5 Reasons Lawn Irrigation Is Important

The curb appeal of your home is largely dependent on the health of your lawn. A vibrant and well taken care of lawn will help your home stand out! A yard irrigation system ensures that your lawn is always taken care of so you don’t have to go through the painstaking process of watering yourself. Here are five reasons why our team here at Chris James Landscaping recommends lawn irrigation. 

1. Save You Time and Energy

Let’s face it, many of us don’t have the time or energy to properly water our lawns. Hand watering requires manual labor and a manual sprinkler requires constant attention. Either way, watering your lawn and garden yourself requires a significant time investment. 

Let’s not forget that the recommended watering hours fall between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m., which can be impossible for some people. An outdoor irrigation system will allow you to set desired watering times. You can set it to automatically stop and start within your desired time frame. 

2. Water Focus

Homeowners who water their lawns by hand often have a difficult time properly watering areas of need. Even manual sprinklers often soak areas that don’t need soaking such as the sidewalk. Professionally designed irrigation systems can be strategically positioned to direct the water by location. 

This means that your grass and flower beds will be getting watered, not the curb. Not only will this save you money on your water bill by providing a more efficient solution, but your neighbors will thank you. No one likes constant runoffs on sidewalks or driveways. 

3. Improve the Look of Your Lawn

Irrigation systems also improve the overall aesthetic of your lawn. You don’t put in all the work to improve the look of your lawn just for it to be ruined by ugly hoses and sprinkler heads. Water irrigation systems are great for those who are looking to eliminate unnecessary clutter in their yard. 

Most irrigation systems use sprinkler heads that are only visible when being used. They pop out when it’s time to water and retract neatly out of sight when they’re done. There are also drip irrigation systems that provide efficient and appealing watering solutions. 

4. Ensure the Health of Your Lawn

Depending on your location, climate, and soil conditions, your lawn will likely require 30 to 60 minutes of watering once or twice a week. Underwatering and overwatering could lead to an unhealthy landscape. Manuel watering leads to human error which can have disastrous effects on your lawn. 

Lawn irrigation systems allow you to rest easy. With the proper scheduling your grass, plants, and flowerbeds will receive the perfect amount of water with little to no waste. This ensures the health of your lawn. 

5. Leave Your Schedule Open

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a lawn irrigation system is that it provides you the freedom of schedule flexibility. No longer will you have to dedicate time to water your lawn. As mentioned earlier, depending on your location, your lawn may require up to an hour of watering twice a week!

While that may not seem like a lot of time, you would be amazed at what you could do with an extra two hours a week. Irrigation systems also allow you the freedom to go on vacation without having to worry about your lawn. 

Take Care of Your Yard!

Lawn irrigation is a crucial part of keeping your yard healthy. If you’re looking for a lawn irrigation system in the New Jersey area our team here at Chris James Landscaping is here to help! We offer a wide range of landscaping services in the New Jersey area including larn irrigation system installation. Give us a call today and we can help you!