7 Unique New Jersey Summer Landscaping Ideas

An outdoor area that is simply comprised of grass can be boring. Adding a few other elements can transform it into a heavenly escape that is the envy of every New Jersey neighbor.

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An outdoor landscape should be a place of peace and tranquility. Creating a Zen garden in the yard can bring that feeling. A beautiful Zen garden can be created by combining both hardscape and landscape elements into one calming area. The hardscape areas are meant to create the style of the garden and reduce the amount of maintenance. The landscape adds the elements that create the personality of the garden. Adding mulch will slow down weed growth and encourage water retention. Evergreens of varying sizes finishes off the look while still retaining the need for a minimal amount of maintenance.

Big and Beautiful

A large yard needs big and vibrant landscaping. Combining a variety of shrubs and trees can combine for this effect. The variety of colors and shapes of these elements add color and character to the garden. Further, trees and shrubs will retain their seasonal colors for a longer time than annuals and perennials will, allowing for prolonged enjoyment of the garden. Adding river rock to the area creates a subtle yet distinct edge between the garden and the lawn, providing a complete look to the entire garden.

A Serene Nook

Creating a serene nook is a great way to make use out of a seemingly useless corner of the yard. Wasted spaces can be easily filled up with some evergreen trees and large plants. Choosing larger elements such as those will help to fill up space without the need for lots of smaller items. Adding a path to the area helps to define it and create an inviting feel. An important part of making this look work is having a smooth transition from the taller trees to the ground cover. Also, try to stay within the same color palette to maintain a soothing feeling. Finish off the look with a decorative solar paneled lantern that provides extra light with a minimal amount of effort involved.

Fuss-Free Landscaping

Many people are looking for a no-fuss landscape. Highlight an outdoor space with series of dark colored pebbles that are surrounded by strategically placed pavers. The result is a path that is minimal in its design, but high in artistic beauty. The stones create the boundary, so no mulch is needed, creating a low-maintenance area that does not need to be replaced annually. Adding some flowers and attractive ornamental grass can bring a pop of cheerful color to welcome your guests.


Create a vacation-at-home getaway in the front yard. Add some visual interest with plants of different shapes and sizes. Lay them along a winding gravel path that ends on a solid surface. The varying textures and surfaces combine to create a decorative yet functional space that is perfect for a few chaise lounges. Add a few colorful pants to offset the greenery and finish the look off with some ornamental grass. The result will provide the feeling of a tropical getaway without ever having to leave the house!

Get Rid of the Grass

A yard that is covered with flowers rather than grass does not have to be a high-maintenance option. The key to making this look work is to use hardy, low-maintenance plants and flowers that can stand up to large amounts of traffic. Daylilies are a perfect choice to plant along the sidewalk near the parkway and leading up to the house. Fill brightly colored planters with annuals that can easily be changed out from season to season. If space allows, create a visual border by adding a white picket fence. A flower-filled yard is not only beautiful to look at, it requires far less maintenance than a traditional grassy lawn does!

Lots of Flowers

Sometimes beautifying the yard is as simple as creating a bountiful flowerbed to take up some open space. Find open space in the yard and add some colorful sun-loving flowers. Start by creating an edge for the garden. Not only will it define the space, it will prevent weeds from cropping up. Simple rubber tubing can be used for this job. Use a few different types of annuals to give the flowerbed pizzazz. Focusing on annuals will negate the need for prepping the flowers for the winter at the end of the season. Adding in some structural plants and ornamental grasses can fill the space while providing color to the garden well into the autumn. If space allows, create the flowerbed so it can be easily accessed from both sides for easier maintenance. If this is not an option, add pavers throughout the flowerbed to make accessibility easier. Then, all there is left to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty.

Creating unique landscapes can turn an ordinary yard into a sanctuary. It just takes some imagination and a little work. However, the results are fabulous and will be enjoyed for years to come.

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