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Commercial Landscaping in Allendale, NJ

Chris James Landscaping has over 40 years of experience in creating and maintaining commercial landscaping in Allendale, NJ. Our company is locally owned and all our employees are professionally trained. Our customer satisfaction is our priority and our team will treat your property like their own. We can offer a full spectrum of quality services for the exterior of your business. If you want your company to stand out we can help you get the look that will impress your customers.

We Offer Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping in Allendale, NJ

Our experts offer commercial landscaping for all your needs. Our job is to plan, design, install, and maintain the exterior of your business. Our services include all-season landscape maintenance, lawn care programs, seasonal colors, pruning, and mulching. Besides caring for your plants, we can also plan and construct walls, walkways, and stairs and help with irrigation and low-voltage lighting repair and service.

Our Team Works in Allendale, NJ

Our trusted team has been proudly serving Allendale for decades and we are one of the highly recommended landscapers in New Jersey. We also provide our services to the surrounding communities.  

Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Landscaping

We receive many different questions about what we do and what services we can provide for our customers. We listed a few of the most common ones below:

How Can You Improve My Business Curb Appeal?

There are different ways we can improve the look of your commercial property. Here are some examples of the improvements we can make. We can fix stairs and walkways to make your business safer and more appealing to walk into. We can boost the look of your landscaping, keeping the grass neat and green and adding bushes and flowers, rocks, or boulders to make the storefront more inviting. Adding new exterior low-voltage lights and lighting pathways can also improve your nighttime safety and look.

Why Should I Hire A Commercial Landscape Company For The Whole Year?

If you want your property to look beautiful and professional, you will need landscapers to service it year-round.  Every season has different and specific tasks to fulfill. Spring is the busiest time, with weeding, mowing, mulching and pruning being the main tasks but not the only ones. In the summer your company will need not just more mowing but proper irrigation to fight the heat.

The work doesn’t slow down in the fall, the perfect time to aerate the lawn, clean up the leaves and the property and winterize the irrigation system to face the cold days ahead. During the winter, while plants are dormant, our team is still working to keep your business free from snow, making sure your customers can have safe and full access to your services.

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If your company is looking for a professional commercial landscaping service contact Chris James Landscaping today. We work in Allendale, NJ and the surrounding areas. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and we are looking forward to creating a superior environment for your business.