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Commercial Landscaping Maintenance in HoHoKus, NJ

Do you need a commercial landscaping company for your HoHoKus, NJ, business? Chris James Landscaping in Waldwick, NJ, can help. Our business has been helping the community for over 20 years. We know what the people are looking for and would love to help you as well. 

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How Commercial Landscaping Can Help

Commercial landscaping can make your business have a better overall appearance. People are going to be more attracted and eager to visit a business that has an inviting exterior. A place that is run down and not well-kept will not have the same results as one that is. 

The amount of landscaping that you do doesn’t have to be over the top. Something simple and sleek is enough; it is up to you. It shows your customers and employees how much you care about your business. 

Services With Chris James Landscaping

There are a wide variety of services that we can offer to you at Chris James Landscaping. Our team of professional landscapers is all experienced, knowledgable, and talented at their job. We want to provide you with only the best possible services that we can. 

Whether you need services once, weekly, monthly, or yearly, we can help. Seasons change, and so do the color preferences. We offer seasonal color change services. Some exampled of the other services that we have are:

  • Year-Round Ground Management and All-Season Maintenace
  • Hardscape Services
  • Irrigation and Mulching Services
  • Design and Construction of Landscape Services
  • Lighting Installations and Repairs
  • Shrub and Small Tree Trimming
  • And More

Get More Information Today

Call Chris James Landscaping in Waldwick, NJ, today for more information about our services. We will be happy to answer any of the questions that you have. Our team works in Hohokus and surrounding communities such as Allendale. It would be our pleasure to help make the outside of your commercial business more inviting.