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Commercial Landscaping Ridgewood, NJ

Are you looking for a professional landscaping company in Ridgewood, NJ? Chris James Landscaping is a reputable business in Waldwick, NJ, just a short distance away. Hiring a reputable and well-known business is important. Our professional landscapers can provide you with top-notch services for your business. 

Commercial Landscaping Services

Are you considering commercial landscaping for your business? This is a service that can change the look of your company. A drabby exterior doesn’t bring as much joy as bright and cheerful landscaping does. 

The employees that come to install, maintain, or repair your commercial landscaping are trained and knowledgeable about the services that they provide. Some of the professional services that are provided are:

  • Help Designing The Landscape
  • Ground Management All Year Round
  • Schedule Landscaping Appointments For Repairs, Maintenance, and More
  • Emergency Landscaping Services
  • All-Season Landscape Maintenance
  • Seasonal Color Change Services
  • Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs For Lighting 
  • Installation of Walkways, Paths, and Stairs
  • Mulching, Irrigation, and Pruning Services
  • And So Much More

Our business has been helping the community for over 20 years. We take our work seriously and want to provide you with top-notch services. 

Chirs James Provides Services In Ridgewood, NJ

Ridgewood is a community in Bergen County. It is a beautiful area that has a population of greater than 25,000 residents. This village in New Jersey is unique and a great place to live. 

Chirs James Landscaping is located in Waldwick, NJ, and provides services in Ridgewood and many other surrounding communities as well. 

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