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Commercial Landscaping Service in HoHoKus, NJ

At Chris James Landscaping we put our experience in commercial landscaping at your service. Our professionally trained employees can plan, install and maintain the outdoor part of your business in Allendale, NJ. We highly value our customer service and have been providing trusted results for decades. Our expertise, attention to detail and experience will give a beautiful and professional image to your grounds, making it more appealing to your customers.

We Offer Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping in HoHoKus, NJ

Our team of experts offers an all-encompassing commercial landscaping service. We can plan, design, install and maintain a beautiful facade for your business. We offer services including scheduled and emergency lawn care programs, all-season landscape maintenance, interior plant care, mulching, shrub and small tree pruning. Besides working with soft landscaping, we can also plan and service the landscape. That includes designing and constructing stairs, walls and dry-lay walks. We also repair and service irrigation and low-voltage illumination.

We Work in HoHoKus, NJ

At Chris James Landscaping we offer outstanding commercial landscaping services. Our award winning team has been faithfully working in Hohokus and the surrounding areas for 40 years. We are also one of the highly recommended landscapers in the area.

Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Landscaping

We want to help you find the best landscaping plan and options for your company. Usually our customers have different questions about our services. Below are some of the most frequently asked:

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Landscaping?

A big part of commercial landscaping is to make your company look appealing from the outside, inviting more customers to visit your building and trust your services. But that’s not the end of it. We can reduce your company’s impact on the environment with simple precautions. Trees can create shade, reduce noise and sometimes lower the cost of your air conditioning and heating system. Professionals can also help you save money and water by using plants that consume less water.

Who Needs Commercial Landscaping Services?

Any business with an outside space can be greatly improved and reap multiple benefits from the work of a capable landscaping team. From hospitals, to stores, factories or real estate properties, a clean and inviting look can attract more customers and deliver a professional image of your company. Access to a well tended outdoor space can also improve the mood and performance of your employees.

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If you want to improve the way your business looks from the outside, and at the same time create a safe environment for your customers and employees don’t hesitate to call Chris James Landscaping today. We offer commercial landscaping in HoHoKus. We are looking forward to creating the perfect outdoor space for your company.