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Commercial Snow Removal in HoHoKus, NJ

When winter comes to HoHoKus, New Jersey you can be sure there will be snow and ice. Don’t let the winter weather cause your business to lose money. Our team at Chris James Landscaping offers commercial snow and ice removal services to help you out. 

Commercial Snow Removal in HoHoKus, NJ

Professionals For The Job

Our team is well educated and trained to use the latest snow and ice removal equipment to keep your business accessible during bad weather. Whether you are a large corporate headquarters, medical center, warehouse, or even a small office we have packages and services that will work for you.  

Happy To Help Our Neighbors In HoHoKus

We love serving our community and providing quality services to all the businesses in the HoHoKus area. Our community of HoHoKus is located in Bergen County and is home to many historical landmarks. 

If you are new to HoHoKus we want to welcome you to a fabulous little community. Our area is home to several historical landmarks such as The Hermitage which was built in 1847-1848 and has been turned into a museum. Here you can learn about the area’s history and view the many exhibits the museum has to offer. If you are looking to relax and enjoy nature you should check out Ridgewood Parks and Recreation.

To find out more about HoHoKus, check out the Borough of HoHoKus web page. Another helpful web page to go to is the HoHoKus Chamber of Commerce

Chris James Landscaping is also available to serve the surrounding areas such as Allendale and Ridgewood.

Let Us Keep Your Business Accessible

Our team at Chris James Landscaping is always here to help keep your business accessible during the winter months. Whether you need snow and ice removed periodically or 24/7 we can take care of it for you. Give us a call today to learn more.