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Landscaping Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Chris James Landscaping offers landscaping services to Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Our customers have enjoyed our professional landscaping services for more than 35 years. Whether you own a home or business, your lawn is in great hands.

Our Landscaping Services

Our company happily provides different landscaping services to residential clients as well as commercial properties. You never have to worry about keeping up with lawn care when you hire our team. We offer services during every season of the year.

If you run a commercial business, spend more time with your client and let us handle your lawn maintenance needs. We will take care of trimming, designing, pruning, mulching, and lighting. If you are a homeowner, you can choose from a variety of packages that are affordable and keep your lawn looking fresh.

Importance of Using A Professional Service

We have helped many customers focus on other priorities in their lives by taking care of their lawns. There are many reasons to hire a professional service for your home or business. A professional company will:

  • Advise you on lawn care and design
  • Help you raise property value with curb appeal
  • Removing leaves and adding mulch
  • Letting you know the best time to fertilize your lawn

Using the services of a professional company will greatly benefit you by saving you time and money.

We Serve Franklin Lakes

The borough of Franklin Lakes rests in Bergen County and has over 10,000 residents. Many historical sites are found in the area including Van Winkle House and the Packer House. Interesting attractions in the area also include Colonial Park & Garden and Frelinghuysen Arboretum. Chris James Landscaping is also proud to serve the surrounding area as well.

FAQ About Landscaping

Our customers have many different questions about our job and the services we provide. Below we tried to answer some commonly asked ones:

What are some common landscaping elements?

When we think about a landscaping business we picture someone cutting our grass or trimming our shrubs. Not many people know that there are 5 common landscaping elements our contractors work with. The most obvious is of course plants, including grass, flowers, bushes and trees. We also take care of hardscape elements, like decks, patios, walkways, fences and even walls. Another important aspect of our work includes maintaining water features like fountains, ponds, streams or waterfalls. We can also construct outdoor structures, including pavilions, gazebos and pergolas and the like. Last but not least we project and install landscape lighting so you can enjoy your garden at night.

How do I start a landscaping project?

There are different steps involved in starting a landscaping project. For starters you need to set some goals and decide what kind of improvements you would like to see. Important things to consider are your budget, functionality and your preferred style. At this point you can hire a professional designer to help you draw a plan, or design it yourself if you have the skills. Once the planning part is done, you should get the area ready by clearing the designated space from vegetation and rubble. Then comes the installation of all your components of choice, including plants, hardscape and lighting elements. The final step is to keep your landscape in shape with regular maintenance, like watering, weeding, pruning, mulching and so much more.

Should I hire a professional landscaper or do it myself?

There are different factors to consider when deciding if you want to DIY your garden or call a professional. One of the elements to consider is the extent of the work you need and the size of the area. If it’s a small project or maintenance you might be able to complete it on your own, especially if you have the skills and the time to do it. However, if you have a difficult project and you lack expertise it’s a good idea to hire a landscaper. If you decide to do it yourself the results will probably not be as neat and appealing as well, so that’s something else to think about. Professionals can guarantee high-quality outcomes because they have many years of experience in the field and the right resources to easily handle any project.

How much does landscaping cost?

It’s hard to give a direct answer to this question because of the many variables involved. The size, condition and location of the area, the amount of labor needed, the services requested, the materials used can all be determinant on the final cost. For small projects or simple improvements the price ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However the cost can increase to tens of thousands of dollars for larger-scale projects that include the planning of a designer or luxury features. We suggest consulting different landscapers, comparing their quotas and discussing your budget with them to find the best solution for your pockets.

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Call Chris James Landscaping today if want to get started on quality lawn care and design with our company. When you call, let us know what you would like and we will find the best pricing for you. We look forward to hearing from you.