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Full Service Landscaping Near Me in Ridgeway, NJ

As summer creeps around the corner it’s no wonder you’re on the hunt for full-service landscaping. Luckily if you are in the Ridgeway, NJ area then Chris James Landscaping can help! Our team of highly-skilled landscapers can offer up their expertise and design suggestions to really make your landscape pop this summer. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your yard for summer time fun! Full service landscaping is the solution to your issue.

We Offer Full Service Landscaping

Full Service Landscaping Near Me in Ridgeway, NJ

Our services include the design, installation, and maintenance of beautiful, functional landscapes. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a unique outdoor space that will meet both your needs and your preferences. As summer inches around the corner don’t leave your landscaping responsibilities to the last minute. Now is the perfect time to get your yard back in summer-time shape! 

We Serve People Who Live In Ridgeway, NJ

Our full-service landscaping is provided to our Ridgeway, NJ residents. For years our team has delivered a great amount of aesthetically pleasing landscapes with great time efficiency and stellar quality results. Ridgeway is located within the Manchester Township with a very small population.

Commonly Asked Questions About Landscaping Services 

New to the landscaping scene of New Jersey? Don’t worry! Check out our most commonly asked questions we receive as full-service landscapers. 

What Does Full-Service Landscaping Include? 

Full-service landscaping typically consists of lawn care and maintenance, garden and flower bed design, tree trimming and pruning, pest control, and irrigation system installation. It also includes hardscape installations such as patios, decks, walkways, and more! 

How Often Should I Schedule Regular Maintenance With A Full-Service Landscaping Company?

It depends on the size of the yard and the type of landscaping that needs to be done. Generally it is recommended to schedule regular maintenance every two to four weeks during the spring and summer months and at least once a month during the off-season winter months. This will ensure that any potential problems are addressed quickly and the landscaping remains in top condition. 

Can A Full-Service Landscaping Company Help Me With Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation?

Yes, a full-service landscaping company can help you with outdoor lighting design and installation. They can provide you with expert advice on the best lighting solutions for your landscape to naturally enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and they will be able to professionally install them for you as well. They can also provide regular maintenance and repair services to ensure your lighting stays efficient. 

Contact Us Today For Help With Landscaping

Ready to take your yard from drab to fab? Call Chris James Landscaping of Ridgeway, NJ today for help with your landscaping needs! Our team has years of professional experience under their belt and can offer their expertise to you and your landscape. Don’t let summer arrive and your yard still not be prepared, call us today for full-service landscaping.