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Hardscape Installation Repair in HoHoKus, NJ 07423

At Chris James Landscape our staff is very knowledgeable about hardscape installations for your areas. Our company has been in business since 1981. Whether you are needing help with residential or commercial landscaping we can help. We are located in Waldwick, NJ, just a short distance from HoHoKus, NJ. 

Hardscape Installation Repair in HoHoKus, NJ 07423

What We Have To Offer

The variety of services that we offer are endless. We love all aspects of lawn care and can take care of the needs that you have. We understand the aspect of having a commercial property well kept and nice. The same goes for the residential areas of people’s homes that need to be maintained and serviced. Some of the services that we offer are:


  • Spring and Fall Cleanup 
  • Basic and Premium Lawn Care Packages
  • Choice of 3 different lawn maintenance packages (silver, gold, and platinum)


  • Year Round Management Services
  • All Season Maintenance Programs
  • Lawn Care Packages
  • Irrigation and repair Services
  • Landscape Design
  • Shrub and Small Tree Trimming
  • Mulching
  • Low Voltage Lighting Repair
  • Snow Removal Services in The Winter Months

What HoHoKus, NJ To Offer

With a population of just over 4,000 people, HoHoKus is a quaint beautiful town. There are several hiking areas to enjoy and historical sights to see. You can find plenty of places to eat and have fun. It is definitely a place to visit and see. Waldwick is just a short 4 minute drive to HoHoKus, NJ. 

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Taking care of our customers is something that we take seriously and want to give you top services for all of your needs. Chris James Landscaping would be honored to hear from you and make your landscaping visions come true. Give us a call today to get an appointment!