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Are you looking for a company you can trust to repair, maiWith years of industry knowledge and a commitment to service, we can keep your irrigation system operating at its best. Your lawn and garden’s health and vitality are important to us, and we’re here to ensure they flourish. So, if you want a trusted partner, our team at Chris James has the experience to help you!

What Our Irrigation System Services Has To Offer

irrigation service

We are a full-service irrigation company that will design your system to work as part of your landscape design. This will help ensure that your lawn and garden stay healthy. Some of what our irrigation system services offer are:

  • New installation of high-quality irrigation systems
  • Start-up and adjustment services at the beginning of the growing season
  • Adjustments for late summer
  • Maintenance and Repair services
  • Fall winterization service

Our team uses parts and systems from trusted brand-name irrigation companies so that you can trust your irrigation system will work how it should. We provide only top-of-the-line resources to maintain a healthy, thriving outdoor environment.

How To Find Us From Allendale

If you need to visit our office for any reason, you can find us at 33 Zazzetti St #1 in Waldwick. We are only a 5-minute drive from Allendale. The easiest way to find us is to:

  1. Go south on Franklin Turnpike toward Green Way
  2. Then turn right onto Chestnut Street
  3. Continue on Hopper Avenue
  4. Turn left onto Bohnert Place 
  5. Lastly, turn right at Zazzetti Street 
  6. Our office is located on the left

Still having a hard time finding us? Don’t worry, give our team a call and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Are you curious about how to keep your lawn and garden well-watered and thriving? We understand that irrigation is vital to a healthy and vibrant outdoor space. Below, we aim to answer some commonly asked questions. We want to help you keep your green spaces looking their best.

How often and how much should I water my lawn and garden?

The frequency and amount of water your lawn and garden need can vary. It depends on the local climate, plant types, and irrigation system. Lawns usually need about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. Different plants have distinct water requirements. Researching and tailoring your watering schedule to suit their needs is essential. Remember to consider the weather conditions. You may need to water more often during hot, dry periods. Cooler, wetter periods may need less irrigation.

Which irrigation system is best for my lawn and garden?

To learn the ideal irrigation system for your yard, get to know your landscape and types of plants. Take the time to understand the water requirements of each plant. For water conservation, explore drip irrigation or soaker hoses. Consider your local climate. Factor in your budget and decide how much control and automation you want from your system. Consider your soil type and check for any local water use regulations. Seeking advice from a local landscape expert can provide insights into your needs.

Should I hire a professional for my lawn and garden irrigation system?

Hiring a lawn and garden irrigation expert can be a wise choice for many homeowners. Professionals can ensure proper planning and installation. They are often a great ally if your landscape is complex, large, or intricate. Lack of experience with irrigation systems is another crucial reason for needing expert help. Professionals understand the nuances and can prevent costly mistakes. They can save you valuable time if you have a busy schedule and limited time for DIY projects. Professionals can set up the programming for efficiency for those using automated systems. 

What is the best time of day for irrigation?

Morning is generally the best time for irrigation. Watering in the late evening (around 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.) is also acceptable if morning watering isn’t possible. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) to prevent water loss through evaporation.

Call Us For Irrigation System Help

Are you planning a new irrigation system? Do you need maintenance or have questions about your existing setup? When you need help with irrigation in Allendale, New Jersey, call our team at Chris James Landscape. We are happy to answer any questions and provide expert help with your irrigation needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your lawn and garden thrive. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you achieve a lush and healthy lawn or garden. Your beautiful landscape is a phone call away!