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Lighting service in Ridgewood, NJ

lighting service ridgewood NJ

Our professional team at Chris James Landscaping offers our lighting service in Ridgewood, NJ. We can work with you to design and install proper lighting fixtures that can focus on one specific area or more. When you have a new home and want to add some lighting or spotlight a specific feature of your house, we are here for you.

We Offer Landscape Lighting Service

Our skilled team can install quality lighting fixtures to reflect your style and add curb appeal to your home or business. Accent lighting can help focus on the areas where you want to provide extra security. We will work with you side by side so we know exactly what you want and help make your property shine. The possibilities are endless.

Lights can be installed in various locations around your landscape, such as:

  • Outside the garage
  • The sidewalk leading up to your door
  • Near the patio
  • Front or back entrances
  • And more

Your lighting fixtures should fit seamlessly with your landscape design. Call our office today, and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate on this and our other landscape services.

We Love To Serve Ridgewood, NJ

Our team loves taking care of our neighbor’s landscaping and lighting needs here in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  Ridgewood is a village that is located in Bergen County and is only 20 miles northwest of midtown Manhattan. Our community is home to several historical sites that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you are new to the area, we welcome you. Some of the most popular places to visit in the area are Graydon Park. Here you can relax and enjoy some quiet time. If you like historical sites, go to The Hermitage.

For more helpful information about Ridgewood, NJ, go to the Village of Ridgewood or the Chamber of Commerce.

We Want To Help You

If you need a landscaping and lighting company, our team at Chris James Landscaping near Ridgewood, NJ, knows how to arrange these items to work well with your residence. We will gladly help you take care of your lawn and help with all your other landscape needs. Give us a call today, and we will get started on your custom-designed lawn today.