Artistic Ways to Add Color and Texture to Your NJ Backyard Garden

Now that the growing season is in full swing, it’s time to think about adding some color and texture to your outdoor spaces. Your NJ backyard garden is going to flourish during the summer months, so make it a place the whole family can enjoy and transform it into a real hub of entertainment.

nj backyard gardenSettle on a theme

Deciding on a theme for your garden is an exciting way to transform your outdoor space into another room of your house. A garden theme can be something that matches with your home theme, or that is entirely different and adds a whole new layer of interest to your outdoor spaces.


Choosing the right color sets the tone for your garden design. There are many ways to add color, but your floral arrangements make the biggest difference. If you have a favorite flower that you’d like to showcase, consider designing your color scheme around it. For example, a sunflower garden can be a focal point in late summer, but the yellow color scheme can direct your garden design year round.


There are new trends in backyard gardens that bring exciting design elements to the standard garden design. Tapestry gardens are particularly attractive, and they feature a garden design layered around a center point. To develop a garden layout, draw up the design for your garden’s overall appearance. Then, think of the color scheme and textures that you want in your garden. This helps you to choose plants and flowers that give you the design that you’re looking for in your garden.

Varying plant height

Even in the smallest gardens, varying the height of the plants and flowers you choose gives you layers of texture that make your garden pop with visual interest. Use layered beds and containers to create the look of cascading layers of colors and flower sizes.

Go beyond your plants

Your plants are not the only place in your garden that you can add color, texture, and interest to your garden. While plants are obviously the main focal point of your garden, giving your entire outdoor space a makeover makes it a pleasant place to entertain and unwind.

Experiment with bright colors

Bright colors are an exciting way to play with color in your outdoor spaces. Even if you wouldn’t want to add bright colors inside of your home, you can experiment with ones that you’ve wanted to use in your outdoor spaces. Bright colors bring character to your outdoor spaces, especially since your outdoor sports can sometimes be bland thanks to concrete or exterior walls. Use your garden as a place to try out a color you’re not too sure that you want to use in any other location in your home. Plus, you can use the bright color in a variety of ways to determine whether you want to feature a new color in the next season.

Add new furniture

Brightly colored furniture is a very simple way to bring color to your outdoor space. The best part is that you can change it up however often you want. Purchase some wooden furniture and paint it a color that you want to try, or buy brightly colored Adirondack chairs in hot pink or bright yellow for a pop of color. Simple things such as a single seat or swing cushions add color or consider placing a colorful indoor/outdoor rug for more interest. If you get tired of the color, you can always remove a smaller piece or repaint an item for next summer.

Layer color and texture with walls

Outdoor walls and fences are another creative places to experiment with colors in your garden. They do double duty by providing a layer and visual interest with the height that they bring to your space. Using your walls, however small they may be, can add the drama to your garden area.


Ceramic tiles are a fabulous way to bring color and pattern to your garden wall. Ceramic tiles come in a plethora of design and color options so that you can go crazy in this area. You can put tiles on half walls or along an outdoor fountain to add texture and visual interest. Further, customize tiles with your grout choice or by adding feature pieces that have more intricate patterning. Whether you incorporate a lot of tiles or a small feature, this decorative addition contributes to the overall look and feel of your garden.


If you have a larger wall to work with, think about adding a mural to the outdoor space. You can do something that’s evocative of your geographic location or feature your favorite blooms every season of the year.

Work with an experienced landscaping professional in NJ to help you find eye-catching ways to bring color and texture to your gardens all year round.

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