Benefits of Hand Pulling Weeds and Pruning Your NJ Gardens

Gardens and beautiful yards are one of the many perks of warmer weather. Outdoor spaces help our homes and properties look welcoming and presentable. We all like to spend time outside when the weather is pleasant and comfortable. Maintaining our yards and gardens creates an inviting atmosphere for everyday living and fun social gatherings. Consider the benefit of pulling weeds by hand and pruning your New Jersey gardens.

pulling weeds by handA Dream Garden and Yard

Whether you are planning a barbecue or picnic, a well-kept yard and garden develop the perfect space to host your gathering. Yard and garden maintenance is not easy, but it is well worth it to enjoy the rewarding experience of the outdoors in the comfort of your backyard. Maintaining your yard goes a long way to having the garden of your dreams. Do not underestimate the basic gardening techniques, such as weeding and pruning. Weeding and pruning will keep your yard looking amazing for all of your outdoor events.

Professional Help

Although necessary, landscaping takes up time and energy. It is also more complex than it may seem. Leave your yard and garden to experts who will make your property look picture perfect. They will take care of all the basics, as well as the more complex issues facing your lawn and gardening needs. A professional landscaper can also give you tips to take care of your garden and kill weeds between scheduled visits.

Weeds Cramp the Style

Weeds cramp a beautiful yard’s style. There are many causes of weeds. Sometimes lawns are not full enough and weeds have room to come up. Often times, weed seeds are carried by wind or birds, which explains how they sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere. Removing weeds can be trickier than just whacking them or pulling them up. If weeds are not removed completely, root and all, they will grow back. It is important to properly remove these pesky plants.

Weed Removal

Weeding, like all garden and yard maintenance, takes a lot of elbow grease and getting down and dirty. The beautiful yard and garden will be well worth the hard work that weed removal requires as you need to make sure to be pulling weeds by hand. Of course, it is great to let someone else do the hard work while you leisurely enjoy the weed-free space.

Moist Soil

When weeding, it is ideal to work with moist soil. Moist soil moves easier and is better to work with than dry, compact soil. If the roots cannot wiggle out of the soil, then the entire root is not able to come up. Thus, you leave room for the weed to grow back. Make sure you are working with the damp earth, even if that means hosing down the areas of soil a few hours prior to when you work with it.

Ideal Weed Removal

Pulling weeds by hand is always best as you can get a feel for the roots. Pulling shallow-rooted weeds is easy as they usually come right up. Stronger and deeper roots may require additional tools. Using a hoe to dig around the roots will loosen the grasp that the earth has on weeds making it easier for you to be pulling weeds by hand.

Weeding in Bulk

Using chemical weed killers is also an option when it comes to weed removal. Pulling weeds by hand and tools offer a better strategy, as chemicals can be hazardous to the environment and to pets. If there is a very large area that is covered in weeds, then chemical removal is understandable. Chemical weed removal also takes a lot of care. You must be careful to spray each weed. Complete weed removal is not guaranteed with chemical removal, so it is best to get in the dirt with your hands to get rid of those weeds for good. Hiring professionals to do the weeding for your property ensures you are left with nothing but beauty.


Pruning is great for trimming away less-than-perfect stems and branches, but it also has many other benefits that make it worthwhile. Regular pruning encourages plants to continue blossoming to their full potential. It allows sunlight through to the root. Plus, pruning allows better overall airflow for plants and trees. As long as it is done correctly, pruning is extremely beneficial to all plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and outdoor life.

Cut and Remove

It is important to make sure to prune correctly. Pruning begins with cutting away and removing the dead or wilting branches and stems. You should be aware of what a healthy and not healthy branch or stem looks like as you want to trim away only what will not produce well.

Plants and Flowers

In addition to trees and shrubs, you should prune your plants and flowers. They will produce more in number and more beautifully. Good Housekeeping has a great pruning schedule for all types of trees and flowers.

Take time to consult with a local landscaper to plan the prolific gardens you always wanted. With proper design and maintenance, you can create an outdoor oasis you feel proud of.

Thank you for reading our blog. Contact us today to learn more about pulling weeds by hand or to get professional help with your weeding and pruning.