Budgeting a Dream Landscape for Your New Jersey Home

Have you ever looked out upon your property and imagined how it would feel to see it landscaped following the landscape design of your dreams? What if money were no object? Would you utilize structural landscaping features, also known as hard landscaping, to create spaces for beautiful plants, shrubs, and trees — a virtual paradise in your yard?

dream landscapeEven if cost is a primary consideration, with a creative design and some conservative budgeting tips the landscape of your dreams is, perhaps, not as far away as you may think.

Where to Begin?

The best ideas often begin with research. Sometimes you need to see a landscape design that approximates the one in your dreams so that you can convey this vision to a professional landscape designer who can help to make it a reality. Excellent design ideas can come from garden centers and shows, and from local public gardens. In addition to landscaping photos found in magazines, Pinterest has plenty of pictures of beautifully landscaped New Jersey residences.

Considerations in Planning Your Dream Landscape

Start by considering your property regarding size and shape, and how this meshes with the architectural style of your home. Balancing these elements is crucial to the next considerations, which are structural design elements and plantings. Through the eyes of a landscape designer, natural spaces found on the property become perfect places to build walls, fences, patios, paths and water features that best accentuate the spaces. This allows for the creative use of hedges, shrubs, trees and plants to turn the spaces into lovely garden areas ideal for enjoyment by family and friends.

Hard Landscaping Materials

Depending on how formal or informal your dream landscaping design, some of the conventional hard landscaping materials you may wish to utilize in structural features include:

  • Timber
  • Decking
  • Large rocks
  • Bricks
  • Paving stones
  • Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Exterior paint
  • Water features

Be sure and reach an understanding with your landscaper as to who will be responsible for any required permits and for cleaning up the property after the project is completed.

Landscape Plantings

New Jersey residents are fortunate in the variety of plants both native to the state and those not-native, but friendly. Many residents desiring to reduce environmental impacts are gravitating towards New Jersey friendly yards. Regardless of your choices here, a professional landscaping company will make sure your choices will fit in with, not only your landscape design but also with your budget.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

Some people just like to do things themselves. Depending on your prior experience and the time you can devote to a project such as this, it may turn out alright. But unless you have an abundance of experience with both building materials and landscaping, by doing it yourself, your dream landscape has the potential to morph into a nightmare.

The advantages of contracting with a reputable landscape professional are manifold. They’re going to go over your budget and your dream design to make sure they are in sync. If they are not, they will steer you to a design and budget that fulfills many of your objectives, so you’ll be the beneficiary of the most beautiful landscape you can afford. They’ll be able to advise you of any regulatory requirements, and will point out any obstacles or shortcuts to the project which you may have overlooked.

How Much Will My Dream Landscape Cost Me?

Estimating the cost of a project such as this is always a worthwhile endeavor. However, until you sit down with your landscaper after they have had a chance to listen to your desires and formulate them into a design, the actual costs can vary considerably. As a starting point, the following estimated budget amounts may help you to narrow your focus on what is possible for you to achieve.

– $750-$1,000 range: This amount can get you started on a DIY project. After plantings, there may be an allowance for a few hard landscape features such as concrete slabs, new garden furniture or small sections of fencing. Look at it as a first of many steps that will, eventually, lead to your dream.

– $1,000-$3,500 range: You may be able to add a small patio with this increased budget for your DIY project, or buy yourself a day or two’s time from a tradesman for any structural work you wish done. Still, it’s only a step or two towards your dream.

– $5,000-$10,000 range: Now your DIY dream landscaping project might become more actualized. At the higher end of this range, a professional designer can help you to maximize your time and investment.

– $10,000-$30,000 range: With this budget, especially as you move towards the higher end of the scale, a professional landscaping company can help make your dream landscape a reality. You’ll likely see areas of high-quality plantings in addition to some appreciable hard landscaping features.

– $30,000 and above range: Congratulations! Enjoy your dream landscape on your property for many years to come!

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