The Most Colorful and Hearty Perennials for NJ Gardens

When planning a garden for your home in a locale that experiences changes of the season like New Jersey, it is important to choose the best perennials to give your garden a look that stands out on your block. Here are some suggestions for the hardiest, brightest, and best perennials for your NJ garden, as well as a few tips for placement and design.

best perennials for NJRed Columbine

A long time Jersey favorite and one of the best plants to grow in New Jersey, Red Columbine blooms in springtime, though some plants may bloom as late as early summer. Usually reaching heights of about 3 feet, Red Columbine usually grows taller rather than spreading out in your garden. These perennial flowers love limestone-rich soil that drains well. Also, due to its tendency for tall growth, Red Columbine can be placed in a bed with most other flowers, provided that they don’t overshadow the Red Columbine and deprive it of the adequate daytime sun.

Cutleaf Cone Flowers

These spindly garden giants make an excellent addition to any garden. Growing up to twelve feet in height, Cutleaf Coneflowers are known for their hardy resilience, rapid growth, and the ability to thrive in just about any garden environment. These northeast perennials bloom between July and October and grow exceedingly well in New Jersey’s temperate climate.


An exceedingly popular perennial all over the world and another one of the best perennials for NJ is the Chrysanthemum which thrives in New Jersey gardens. Often outlasting even most annuals, the Chrysanthemum blooms in colors ranging from white and yellow to orange. It is important when planting these particular perennials to leave room for them spread out, as they can clump together if planted too closely and stunt each other’s growth.

Blanket Flower

Also called Gaillardia, this perennial is a drought and heat tolerant member of the wildflower family. Blanket Flowers are an excellent choice for creating flower bed borders in poor quality soil, and they typically form 3-inch daisy-like blooms in red, gold, or brown. Despite its short lifespan, Blanket Flower is a simple seed-to-flower in a year perennial that thrives in a temperate climate.


Sporting spire-like 7-inch blooms, these 1-2 foot tall perennials blossom into shades of red or blue from the start of summer up until the fall. In New Jersey, Veronica grows best with plenty of sun, so it is best to plant them towards the front of the bed.

Russian Sage

Best for larger gardens, this towering, expansive perennial blooms into delicate cloud-like clusters of blue flowers towards the end of summer. A sun-loving plant, Russian Sage is tolerant of both dry conditions and hot weather. It thrives best when planted towards the back of flower beds to give it plenty of room to grow.


Practically a staple of Garden State flower beds and another one of our NJ flower bed ideas, asters open their star-shaped blooms towards the end of summer and into the start of fall. Asters are colorful perennials that blossom into vibrant shades of pink, blue, purple, and deep red. Some asters grow as tall as five feet and grow exceptionally well in beds and borders. Many gardeners enjoy taking cuttings of aster blossoms to bring into the house as they are hardy and keep their blooms even when displayed in a vase.


A fragrant, sweet-smelling flower, Peonies are among the longest-living perennials. Usually starting their life-cycle during the late spring and early summer, Peonies grow in bunches like shrubs approximately 2-4 feet wide, and their blooms range in every color except blue. Some species, even produce bi-colored blooms that add a beautiful texture to any garden.

Moss Phlox

Essential for rock gardens and near paved areas, Moss Phlox grows well as a ground cover whether they are on a slope or resting in a leveled area. In addition to providing ground cover, Moss Phlox also produces fragrant little blossoms surrounded by tiny prickled leaves. They are spring bloomers whose flowers vary in color between shades of white, pink, blue, lavender, or red.

Black-Eyed Susan

These American icons bloom from the middle of summer until the first frost, keeping their golden and orange blooms until winter begins to set in. Most species of this perennial top out at roughly 2 feet, making them ideal for the middle or back of the flower bed placement. Black-Eyed Susans are sun lovers and do well even through drought-like conditions.

Hardy Hibiscus

These not-so-delicate cousins of the standard hibiscus flower are so sturdy and robust that they often overwinter even the coldest of weather. They do die back to the ground each year, but Hardy Hibiscus can produce a jaw-dropping collection of blossoms the size of dinner plates at the top of their 5-6 foot tall branches. True to their name, these tough perennials also thrive in New Jersey, needing only a sunny patch of ground with mineral and moisture-rich soil. They typically start to grow and bloom slowly in the spring, but their growth picks up once the weather begins to warm.

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