Commercial Landscape Lights for the Fall

Autumn is soon approaching, and it is one of the most scenic times of the year in New Jersey. The changing of leaves, the chill in the air, the amazing sunsets and a gorgeous evening breeze are just some of the reasons New Jersey is so pretty in the fall. But lawn-care is still important during this time of year. Professional landscaping adds beauty and value to your business. It is inviting and will leave a good impression on anyone who sees it. During the fall season, the sun sets much sooner than during summer, leaving us with less light at night. That is where landscape lights come in. Landscape lighting can provide more than just a beautiful ambiance on a property. It can help to make your business more safe and secure. Consider the value of commercial landscape lights for the fall. If you’re looking for commercial landscaping light service in the Mahwah, Oakland, Paramus, and Fairlawn areas, we can help!

commercial landscaping serviceLandscape Lights

Different types of landscape lights or garden lights can include LED lights, solar, high voltage, or low voltage lights. Each of these types has different effects, functions, installation methods, and advantages and disadvantages. Commercial landscaping services can help you decide which type is best for your needs.

LED Lights

These lights are highly energy-efficient, and the bulbs have a very long life, with the potential to last for thousands of hours. However, because of its bluish tint and its inability to illuminate larger areas in a cost-effective manner, LED lights may not always be the best solution for bigger landscape lighting projects. These are good for snow, as they will continue to light up during winter storms, provided they have power. Lawn care is a lot easier when there’s lighting, too.

Solar Lights

Solar landscaping lights may be the least expensive initially. Because they obtain energy from the sun, they do not use as much power as other lights do. Unfortunately, solar landscaping lights may not have a very long life. They often phase out after just a few months of use, causing you to have to buy them frequently. Winter weather, especially snow up here in the Northeast, can cover these lights, blocking their ability to obtain energy. These lights may not be very bright and might not provide good lighting at night for your property. Our team can help you pick the best lights for your needs.

High Voltage

With high voltage, you can install bright lights that are perfect for night-time illumination for your landscaping. High voltage allows you to use bulbs that go from 60 watts up to 250 watts, and you can even use a number of different bulb types. With the many options for beautiful lighting with high voltage, there are still some inconveniences. This lighting option is expensive to install and often requires an electrician, which can further bump up the costs. Your energy bills will also be significantly higher with high voltage lighting installed in your ground’s landscaping. Our local lawn-care team can assist on these options.

Low Voltage

Low voltage is ideal because it allows you to have as brightly illuminated landscaping as you would with high voltage, but it is not as expensive. It is much easier and cheaper to install as its fixtures and bulbs are less expensive. Lastly, low voltage is very energy efficient. However, the watts-per-bulb is much more limited, and certain types of bulbs are not available for low voltage. Our local commercial landscaping services can assist with any of these options.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

There are several kinds of light fixtures used for landscaping, some of which include box fixtures, bullet, canister, and path light fixtures. Each of these different styles of lighting can be used to create beautiful lighting for your home or business. You can even use a combination of some or all of these fixtures to create depth in your landscaping.

How to Bring Your Vision to Light

Landscaping lights will highlight the beauty in your ground’s gardening. It will brighten up your property, whether it is commercial properties or residential. Are you thinking of adding light to your landscape? It is highly recommended that you use a licensed professional to get the job done for the best and safest results. Here are some tips on how to get what you envision for your space.

Hire a Professional

First, you may want to ask your landscaper about installing commercial lighting or for a referral to a licensed lighting professional, if necessary. People in these landscape maintenance industries often come in contact with each other and can cite some of the most qualified local contractors in the business. You can always find one online, too, but you’ll want to read reviews before hiring anyone to work on your grounds. Our high-quality commercial landscaping services are top-notch, and our quality of lawn-care service speaks for itself.

Communicate Your Vision

The project of adding landscaping lights to your property can be a big and expensive one. Once you’ve hired your lighting professional, you’ll want to make sure he or she understands your vision for the grounds. Bring pictures of things you like and create sketches if you can. Go over the plan as many times as you need to make sure you’re getting what you really want. Your landscaping needs are the most important aspect of a commercial landscaping company.

Let it Be Beautiful

Once you’ve communicated exactly what you’re looking for, for your property, let the professionals get to work work. Trust that the landscape maintenance services know what they’re doing and can bring your vision to light. Though it may be a cooler season, you can still find ways to add radiance and warmth to your property. Landscape lighting is a perfect way to add that illuminating elegance to commercial properties.

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