Common Problems With Your Lawn in New Jersey

Common Problems With Your Lawn in New Jersey

Now is the time to start preparing your lawn for all those summer BBQ’s in your backyard. Everyone enjoys having a lush, green lawn to enjoy during the summer but there are a few things that can get in your way.

Here are some of the common problems we see here in the New Jersey area and how you can fix it.

Lawn Diseases

A large majority of the lawn diseases out there are caused by fungus. If you don’t take care of it quickly then the spores can easily travel to the rest of your lawn. Prompt treatment is vital so you don’t end up with a yard full of diseased and dying grass.

Here are the most common diseases we see in the area:

  • Brown Patch: This type of fungus thrives in moist, shady areas. It typically starts off with one small brown spot, then quickly spreads out in a horseshoe or circular pattern. Sometimes, the center of the spot will still be green while the rest is brown.
  • Fusarium Blight: After winter, this fungus will cause white or pink mold on your grass which turns to light green patches. Eventually, the patches turn a reddish brown color and then die.
  • Dollar Spot: This disease is found in the heat of summer and are silver dollar sized grey or brown spots on your lawn
  • Leaf Spot: This is characterized by brown or purple spots on your grass blades
  • Fairy Ring: This fungus appears in spring and fall and is easily recognized by the bright green circular rings across your lawn
  • Grease Spot: This fungus thrives in moisture and heat. It’s characterized by slimy brown patches that are surrounded by cotton-like fungus
  • Plythium Blight: This typically affects newly seeded lawns and causes black patches of grass
  • Red Thread: This causes red threads to appear on the blades of grass and eventually causes the grass to die

The best tool for treating fungus is prevention. Make sure your lawn has proper drainage and properly mow it.

Weeds that Take Over Your Lawn

A few weeds in your lawn isn’t a big deal but when they start taking over then they become a problem. Too many weeds will rob your grass of water and nutrients as well as start crowding out your grass. If you don’t quickly rid your lawn of weeds then they’ll just get worse and continue to grow until your lawn is mostly weeds.

Not Enough Sunlight

Another problem that can kill your lawn is not enough sunlight. If you have trees that have grown so that they now shade your lawn, then you’ll notice your lawn becomes sparse and dies off. In its place, moss and weeds will start to grow and thrive in the cool, shady areas. The best way to prevent this from happening is to plant grass varieties that thrive in shade and don’t require as much sunlight.

How to Keep Your Grass Healthy

The best way to avoid problems with your lawn is to take care of it. It will need to be aerated regularly to bring air and nutrients. It’ll also need to be periodically weeded and dethatched to ward off disease. You’ll also want to regularly mow it to keep it at the recommended height.

We Can Help Keep Your Lawn Healthy

We want to make sure your lawn is ready for all the summer fun out in your backyard. If you need help with any of these lawn problems or if you want us to do the maintenance work for you, then give us a call! Chris James Landscaping can make sure you head into summer with a lush, green lawn.