Cool Backyard Ideas for Beautiful and Functional NJ Outdoor Spaces

Spring is here and with it comes the itch to get your landscape in order. As the seasons change so do we in our tastes and what we may want to see in our yards this year. Creating a beautiful landscape is like painting a picture, with pops of color and seas of green, lighting and outdoor living. Here are some ideas that can add beauty and value to your New Jersey home.

cool backyard ideasLet’s Look at Lawn Care

After the New Jersey weather, a lush green lawn is a welcome sight. And to get that lawn green and lush takes several steps. While none are overly hard, they are time-consuming. A local landscape company can help you out with the steps needed to ensure success if you feel there are other things you need to address around the house.

Fertilize It

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is a must for a healthy lawn through the growing season. Consider the New Jersey climate and what your lawn may need. Patchy grass or more weed control? There is a fertilizer that can fit any need you may have. Furthermore fertilizing now will pay off with a thick, pest free lawn later.

Aerate It

Fertilizer will do little good if it can’t get to the root of the problem. And that’s where aeration comes in. In addition, aeration helps to bring the nutrition of the fertilizer to the root of the grass, as well as oxygen and water. Most noteworthy, this provides the grass with the help it needs to grow lush and green.

Irrigate It

Proper irrigation is the key to your lawn’s health. And there several ways to irrigate with the most common for a lawn being the pivot and sprinkler. Knowing which would be best for the specific areas of your lawn will not only save your lawn from brown spots, it could potentially save you money on your water bills. Also, it would be wise to check your current irrigation system for any cracks or broken sprinkler heads, etc. that could be wasting water as well.

Plants, Shrubs and Trees, Oh My!

Vegetation native to New Jersey can be the most maintenance free landscape. And native plants are adjusted to the local climate and are easier to maintain and grow. Some things to consider are the space you are allocating for the vegetation, what size they will be when grown, and what color scheme(s) you want to incorporate. In addition, it is also important to consider is whether your plants that are deer resistant.

Not Wanted – Invasive Plants

Invasive plants can be those that are native, but also non-native to the area. A seasoned landscaper can prove an invaluable asset in this regard. And learning to steer clear of these space eaters can save you time, money and heartache in the future. Some examples of invasive plants in New Jersey include:

Shrubs – Fly honeysuckle, Tartarian honeysuckle

Grasses – Japanese Stilt Grass, Wavyleaf Basketgrass

Vines – English Ivy, Winter Creeper

Trees – White Mulberry, Norway Maple

The variety of invasive plants is extensive, and all will wreak havoc on your lawn’s environment. And careful research is the key to making sure invasive plants stay out of the picture.

Oh, The Patio

A patio can be one of the best investments you can make for your outdoor living experience. And patios invite us to spend more time outdoors, creating additional living space. Plus, the more comfortable and useful a patio is, the better for enjoyment and entertaining. Creating an outdoor kitchen, investing in comfortable and durable furniture, and perhaps a fire pit would ensure your patio would become a year-round family favorite. Also, other options to consider would be raised plant beds and trellised vines which can provide a seamless transition from the patio to the lawn. In addition, growing herbs and edible plants in the plant beds would add fresh, healthy options when cooking.

Light Up the Night

Lighting plays a key role in the outdoor experience. And the most common options are low voltage (12V) and solar. Both have their pros and cons and installment options. The best advice for which way to go would be to talk to an expert, but researching yourself can go a long way towards knowing the right questions to ask. Lighting placed strategically throughout the lawn can turn an unusable lawn after dark into a beautiful nighttime wonderland.

Spring and summer in New Jersey are some of the best times of the year. Heading outdoors into the sunshine after a long winter, and watching the world turn green again is a welcome time. And adding or updating a patio, ambient lighting, and a beautiful lush lawn with hand selected native plants, shrubs and trees all add value to your home. Thus, the beauty of the outdoors can be enjoyed all season long using these ideas to help you get the most out of your outdoor experience.

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