Creating A Perfect Winter Landscape for the Holidays in New Jersey

Creating A Perfect Winter Landscape for the Holidays in New Jersey

Most people don’t think of winter as a time to take care of their gardens. However, you can enjoy your garden year-round in New Jersey by creating the perfect landscape. Here are some tips from our team at Chris James Landscaping on how you can make your landscaping a little more festive.

Start with A Plan for Your Winter Landscape

Before you read through all of these ideas, you’ll want to sketch out your front yard. Try to visualize how you want to incorporate these ideas. That way, you can prepare the right way and only purchase the supplies you’ll need. 

It also helps to know where you’ll be stringing lights if you have an idea ahead of time of how it will look. Sketching out your ideas will help you think of some of your own ideas as well!

Fill Planters with Holiday Arrangements

One of our favorite things is to create festive, living arrangements. Fill planters with plant varieties that bloom in the winter. Some of our favorites include:

  • Holly
  • Winter Jasmine
  • Christmas Rose
  • Witch Hazel
  • Pansies
  • Winter Blooming Camellia

You can add small evergreen trees to your planters to create a festive mixed arrangement. 

Add Perfect Lighting

The perfect winter landscape is all about lighting. You can add lights on your roofline, around your windows, and wrapped around your porch railings. We also like the idea of wrapping tree trunks in lights to create magical lighted trees. 

You can go with one color scheme or mix in some color in the right places. It’s also fun to line your walkway with lights or lighted candy canes. What are some other elements in your yard that you can light up?

Use Ornaments

If you have any trees or shrubs in your yard, you can make them more festive by adding ornaments. Make it even more fun by sticking with one color scheme. If you have any small evergreen trees in pots then you can decorate them with lights and small ornaments. 

Bring in More Evergreen

Nothing says “holidays” quite like evergreen trees. You can add evergreen to your winter landscape by bringing in a few small evergreen trees in planters. You can place them throughout your lawn and garden area.

You can also use cedar boughs to make a garland to drape across your front porch railing and around your front door. The colder temperatures mean that your garland will last months. You can add lights to your garland and decorate your front windows with them. Make them more festive by adding sprigs of holly and other colorful decorations.

Add Finishing Touches

Most of the time, it’s the finishing touches that really make the landscape. You can add in small details such as large red bows on your front porch or at the corners of your garage. You can also switch out the bulbs in your front porch lights for more festive red and green colored ones. 

If you have time, you can forage through your local park for supplies such as pine or fir cones, holly sprigs, colorful bushes with berries, tree boughs, and Usnea (better known as “old man’s beard”). Bring these supplies home and make a festive wreath for your front door. You can use whatever is left to add touches to the rest of your landscape.

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