Do I Need Landscaping Service In The Fall and Winter?

Do I Need Landscaping Service In The Fall and Winter?

You may think that since your flowers aren’t in full bloom and your grass isn’t growing, you may not need fall and winter landscaping services. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s important to properly maintain your lawn during this time so it can reach its full potential in the spring and summer. Here are some reasons why you need landscaping services in the cold fall and winter months. 

Regular Maintenance

Even though it’s the fall and winter time and your grass isn’t growing high, you still need regular maintenance services on your lawn. These maintenance services will help keep your lawn happy and healthy during a tough time for grass and plants. Failing to take care of your grass and plants during these seasons can prevent them from flourishing during the spring and summer. 

Think of the fall and winter seasons for your lawn like an athlete would treat their offseason. Even though they’re not in season, they’re working hard to prepare themselves for the upcoming seasons. Regular maintenance services during the winter months can help keep your lawn protected from the cold and dry weather. 


If you have yet to mulch your lawn now it the perfect time to apply it. If you do already have some mulch on your lawn, it’s time to fluff it up. We can help you properly mulch your lawn, keeping it aesthetically pleasing but more importantly, healthy. Here are some of the benefits of mulch:

  • Retain moisture in the soil
  • Maintain even soil temperatures
  • Prevent soil erosion 
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Prevent weed growth

Deep mulch piles, over four inches, prevent water from reaching plant roots effectively and become good hiding places for insects and outdoor pests.

Irrigation Winterization

Your sprinkler system is an expensive investment that requires regular maintenance and care for protection. This is especially true in the wintertime and even more true in harsh winter climates such as the winter months in New Jersey. During these months, the freezing cold weather is enough to freeze your sprinkler system, which can lead to broken pipes. 

Winterization for your irrigation system is a must in cold winter climates if you want to avoid the unthinkable, broken pipes. These services typically include draining, blow out, pressure test for leaks, and repairs and turn off timers/valves. When you give us a call you can rest assured knowing your pipes and sprinkler system is protected from the freezing cold weather. 

Snow Removal

Is there a more daunting and dreaded winter task than removing the seemingly endless amounts of snow from your yard? Even with a high-end snowblower, this task can feel never-ending. Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to waste any of that valuable time on removing snow from your lawn, driveway, or ally. 

Our team can remove the snow from your yard for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Removing snow is important because if left unattended it can damage the grass and flowers that it rests on. Not to mention, the longer snow sits the more and more disgusting it becomes. It begins to accumulate dirt, sludge, grime, debris, and animal waste. Gross. 

We’re Ready to Help

Just because your flowers aren’t in full bloom doesn’t mean that your lawn doesn’t deserve attention during the fall and winter months. Our team here at Chris James Landscaping is here to help the people of Allendale, NJ with their winter and fall landscaping needs. Give us a call today and we can come help take care of your lawn!