Easy Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties in Bergen County

The presence of landscaping on a commercial property gives it a unique look and makes it stand out from the crowd. Having a nicely landscaped commercial property not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the grounds, it can also help to bolster sales and employee morale. Landscaping a commercial property does not need to be difficult.

If you’re looking for commercial lawn care services near you, look no further than Chris James Landscaping. Our lawn care company is proud to serve the Mahwah, Oakland, Paramus, and Fairlawn areas. Here are some easy landscape ideas that are perfect for commercial properties in Bergen County.

commercial lawn services near meSignature shrubbery

Often shrubbery just consists of rows of bushes outlining the perimeter of the grounds. It does not need to be that predictable. As commercial property owners, think about the shrubs as an opportunity to individualize the property. Use the shrubs and nearby plants to spell out the company name or replicate the logo. Choose brightly colored plants to fill in the insides of the words and design so they can easily be seen from a distance. Another option is to go with the company’s traditional colors, so it is easily recognizable by people familiar with the business. Commercial lawn care services like ours can help with your shrubbery needs.

Create a foliage fortress

Creating some privacy and separation with foliage is a great landscaping idea, particularly for businesses that are housed in a single-story building. A privacy fence or some dense foliage can create a barrier that keeps potential thieves away from the business. Installing some permanent structures can also be an attractive way to create privacy. For example, planting large trees or adding a fountain or waterfall is an attractive way to welcome visitors while still preserving some seclusion for the workers inside the building. Our lawn care services can help!

Include walkways and patios

Sometimes a sanctuary at the workplace is just what workers need to keep their morale up. Having a landscaped area with walkways and patios is a great way to invite employees to enjoy the outdoors during their off-times. Welcoming outdoor patio areas are easy to create. Installing cobblestone walkways is a beautiful and creative way for employees to get from place to place on the property. They also allow commercial customers to access the building with ease. Lawn maintenance is much easier with walkways, and lawn mowing works well with proper edges and pathing. Be sure to adorn the patio area with seating for the employees so they can rest while they are on their breaks or eating lunch. Stone benches are always a nice touch. Heavy permanent chairs that will not blow away in the wind are also a great idea. Add a few heavy planters with blooming flowers for a bit of ambiance.

Include a water feature

Water features create a relaxing and refreshing landscape that is inviting to both visitors and people who work on the property. Waterfalls and fountains are both great options for including a water feature on the property. However, having one of these features can use an extraordinary amount of water, which can be both costly and environmentally irresponsible. The best way to combat these issues is to install features that use recycled water. That way there is only a minimal amount of water being used to create a fabulous water feature. This can help with lawn maintenance if irrigated properly, and lawn mowing is easy when a property is maintained and watered.

Landscape in zones

Landscape in zones so that plants and flowers with similar watering requirements are placed together. When landscaping is arranged in this manner, it is easier for everything to get the appropriate amount of water, which is optimal for the plants and flowers to stay healthy and thrive in any environment. This manner of planting is also environmentally-friendly because less water is used, which helps with regular maintenance as well. Our lawn care services can help with zoning your residential and commercial properties.

Pick a focal point

One of the best focal points for a commercial property is the company’s signage. It is important for any company to make sure their signage is prominent and easily seen on their property. One way to make signage stand out is to highlight it with landscaping. Planting brightly colored flowers and plants around the signage will help it stand out and be noticeable to people as they pass by. Be sure to use low-height landscaping elements to assure the signage is not blocked. Here at Chris James Landscaping, our landscape maintenance services are designed to highlight your property and make it stand out.

Keep landscaping simple

Sometimes less is more. It can be easy to overdo it and have too many landscaping elements. When there is too much landscaping, the property can look cluttered and chaotic. Keep the property balanced by adding hardscaping elements such as pavers, retaining walls, and borders to keep the property looking neat and composed. Our professional lawn care services are designed for efficiency and look.

Include some year-round landscaping elements

Balance the landscape with both seasonal and year-round elements. Seasonal plants and flowers are great to include because it allows for the property to continually reflect the seasons of the year. But, be sure to include some elements that do not change as time passes. Heavy plants that can withstand New Jersey winters are great to include because they are low-maintenance since they will not need to be changed out from season to season.

The right landscaping can completely transform a commercial property. If you need to perk up your New Jersey commercial property, work with a locally owned landscaper to get some eye-catching ideas.

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