Fabulous Purple Flowers to Grow in Your New Jersey Garden

Throughout three seasons of the year, people plant flowers to add color and fragrance to their yards. And these flowering plants and perennials bring beauty to outdoor spaces. Whether you have container gardens or a massive yard, flowers celebrate each season. Discover some fabulous purpose flowers to grow in your New Jersey garden. And the majestic color purple makes your home feel like a castle!

purple flowersThe Allure of Wildflowers

Wildflowers bring to mind meadows filled with swaying blossoms. The thought of wildflowers makes people want to run barefoot in the grass. And many wildflowers are purple. These alluring purple flowers bring a fresh feeling to your N outdoor spaces. Consider a few of the most popular varieties.

Pretty Periwinkle

Periwinkle is more than a cool color in your box of crayons. Formally known as Myrtle Vina minor, periwinkle is a creeping ground cover. The petals have a pinwheel appearance. And the star in the center makes them an ideal addition to any backyard or front yard landscape display.

Feel the Passion of Passionflowers

People are passionate about their gardens. Many tend them for hours. Others hire landscape designers to create the ultimate floral display. Remember to add the passionflower to your yard. Frequently this purple flower is called maypop. And the fruit is the size of a chicken’s egg.

Bachelors Button

The formal name for bachelors button is Centaurea cyanusis. This lovely flower comes in a blue hue with a purple appearance. It may also be found in a florist’s bouquet as well as your NJ yard. And bachelors button can also be pink or white.

Awesome Aster

Another fantastic option is the purple flowers called asters. And asters grow wild and are also great to add to all types of garden settings. These flowers thrive in the Northeast region. The pointed petals and distinctive yellow centers make them an eye-catching choice.

Intriguing Iris

Known by experts as Iris versicolor, the blue flag iris is found growing in areas such as moist marshes, wet meadows, shorelines, and swampy places. Although the name is blue, these are also purple flowers with a touch of blue. The flowers grow in clumps with sword-shaped leaves.

Vivacious Violets

Few people can resist violets in bouquets, indoor planters, and outside garden spaces. These familiar purple flowers grow abundantly and often need to be contained or they will take over the area. Most are a rich, purple color but there are also white violets with purplish centers.

A Rainbow of Tulips

While they might not be considered NJ wildflowers, tulips are always one of the most popular choices in any garden. From commercial gardens to the front yard, tulips add a special touch. And they are available in a rainbow of amazing colors – including shades of purple. From pale lilac to deep purple, you have plenty of options.

Mum’s the Word

The goal of a dedicated gardener is to have flowers right into the fall. One of the best ways to do this in New Jersey is to plant chrysanthemum. And mums come in warm fall hues such as orange, gold, burgundy, and deep purpose. These blossoms make everyone want to celebrate the harvest time of year.

Consult with a local NJ landscaper to learn more about artistic ways to add purple flowers to your garden. Plant them in various heights and sizes to grab the attention of passersby. Add other colors to the garden to complement them, such as white and yellow. Be creative and watch the garden grow into a focal point in your yard.

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