Fall Trends for Your Yard in New Jersey

Fall Trends for Your Yard in New Jersey

Our landscaping professionals at Chris James Landscaping are proud to help you with all your landscaping needs in New Jersey. With the fall season coming up, we would be pleased to design your new landscaping. Give us a call and we will book an appointment in your neighborhood. We can design the perfect landscaping for your residential or commercial lawn.

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Cold Temperatures

Before the bitter cold temperatures, you want to make sure you have a lawn that is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, you want to plan and get your landscaping ready to be able to survive and continue to thrive the freezing weather. We have a few ideas you can use to get your lawn ready:

  • Keep your lawn well-maintained – This means all mowing and hedging complete so you don’t have a lot of overgrowths.
  • Fertilize your lawn and plants – This will promote healthy growth and keep it stable.
  • Mulching – If you don’t already have mulch, add some. This is will add some moisture to the soil and prevent erosion.
  • Over-seed – This will help some of the stressed grass from a lot of foot traffic over the summer.
  • Prevent Weeds – You can apply herbicides in the mid-fall to kill weeds.

The early fall is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for the bitter cold that is about to come your way.

Fall Planting

The fall time is the best time of the year for redesigning your landscaping. You can give your outdoor space a facelift before the winter sets in. Now is the time to also enjoy the air before those temperatures plummet.

Give your outdoor space a new makeover by adding a new garden. You can also add some new bulbs and shrubbery for a new look. Let our team come out and give you some pointers on what will make the most beautiful scenery for your lawn.

Trendy Outdoor Designs

If you are thinking of updating your landscaping for a more trendy approach for the fall, we can help you. There are many new advances in the landscaping world that can make your lawn inviting. Here are a few you:

  • Fire pits – you can choose from traditional fire pits with built in stone and fireplace. You can also choose a more technical approach and have a fire table. Either way, you are sure to make your next gathering a hit.
  • Fall floral designs – for a clean, modern look, you can choose something contemporary with a green background like boxwood. To add a pop of color, add some mums and hydrangeas for the most beautiful fall colors.
  • Lighting – add some lighting for welcoming your guests and also for safety for the darker hours.

You can choose from so many different designs and options to make your home or business inviting for your guests and clients.

Fall Displays

In addition to adding new plants and shrubs, we can help you design some more seasonal ornaments for your displays. By adding some pumpkins, gourds, and apple baskets, you are sure to get in the thankful spirit of the season. Combined with some hay bales and Indian corn, your landscaping will pop. Your lawn will be the most festive in your neighborhood and your guests will be ready to enjoy the season.

Call Our Team Today

When you are ready to start getting your lawn ready for the fall season, call Chris James Landscaping. It is our pleasure to have your landscaping on its way to a wonderful season. We can come out and give you design ideas right away.