Five Fall Flowers to Plant in New Jersey Gardens

Five Fall Flowers to Plant in New Jersey Gardens

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. It’s always nice to watch the colors of nature change. It’s also a great time to plant flowers, particularly in New Jersey. New Jersey has a wonderful climate in the fall that lends itself to a wide variety of fall flowers to include in your outdoor gardens. Here are our fall flower garden ideas for you!

1. Asters

There are several varieties of asters that are native to New Jersey. They are perennials, so you’ll be assured they come back every year. Asters look somewhat like daisies with a yellow center, although their petals come in a variety of colors. They easily perk up any garden. Asters thrive in the shade, so they are perfect to plant in a garden that does not get a lot of sun exposure. Also, asters are a great late-season source of pollen for bees.

2. Fall Crocus

Fall crocus bulbs are generally planted in late August and bloom very quickly. The vibrant purple flowers will give a final pop of color to your garden that will last through the fall season. These autumn flowers thrive in the sunshine and in only moderately moist soil. An added benefit of planting fall crocus is that you can harvest the stamens for saffron. Saffron is an incredibly expensive spice, so this is a great alternative than having to purchase it at the store.

3. Obedient Plant

The pink and white flowers of this plant grow in clusters. These plants thrive in moderately fertile soil. They grow in late summer and early fall. This flower spreads a lot so it is great to plant in an area that needs lots of colorful flowers. Ideal growing areas for the obedient plant are woodland areas and moist meadows.

4. Chrysanthemums

No matter where you live mums are a fall favorite. They bloom in a variety of colors to suit everyone’s tastes. These flowers are a great addition to any New Jersey garden as they are bloom lots of flowers and are essentially pretty low-maintenance. Design NJ adds on their website, that mums are a deer-resistant flower, making them a great choice for those who need to keep deer at bay.

5. Sweet Autumn Clematis

For anyone looking for an autumn vine flower, this one is a great choice. The flowers are white and star-shaped, so they’ll complement any other flowers in the garden. These flowers are great growers and can sprawl to as much as 30-feet. They can easily be pruned back and they’re equally great growing up a pergola or fence.

Thank you for reading our blog with fall flower garden ideas! Do you need help learning when to plant these flowers or want to see pictures of gardens with these flowers? Contact us today.