Garden Trends For New Jersey Lawns in 2019

Garden Trends For New Jersey Lawns in 2019

We’ve all be there before-blankly staring at your garden, hoping some inspiration will come from somewhere. Chris James Landscaping can help get you started on your new garden area. Here are the garden trends we’re starting to see in the New Jersey area for this year.

Make It Sustainable

Believe it or not, making your garden eco-friendly will not only save you money, it’ll help with the workload of your garden. Add sustainable elements to your garden that will help it maintain itself to a certain degree. Here are some of our favorite ideas for eco-friendly garden elements:

  • Add a drip watering system that uses water from rain barrels
  • Plant local flower species to attract pollinators
  • Consider composting to provide nutrients to your garden
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Place bird feeders throughout your garden to attract wildlife
  • Use more permeable surfaces in your garden such as pebbles and mulch

Taken some time to think about nature and how you can keep your garden in balance with nature. Let nature do the work for you!

Make Focal Points

It’s our natural tendency to look for places our eyes are drawn to. Those places are called focal points. Create spots in your garden that drawn our attention and can be the centerpiece of your creation. When most people try to visualize their garden, their first ideas for focal points are trees or big, vibrant plant hangers.

We encourage you to use your imagination to see what ideas you can come up with for your garden space. If a chicken coop is part of your sustainable garden, then paint it a vibrant color. Or, consider a lively colored patio set to not only act as your centerpiece but also provide a tranquil spot to enjoy your garden.

Make It Simple

Your garden doesn’t have to be a complex masterpiece in order to be beautiful. Consider planting easy to care for and hardy plants and flowers. Plant flower varieties that will come up year after year and don’t require replanting every year. Plant stuff with large leaves that will take up more space so you don’t have to plant filler flowers.

You can also use non-living objects such as boulders, bird baths, and colorful pots to add color and variety to your garden space without adding more work. If you use a drip system to be more eco-friendly, then it also has the added benefit of cutting down on your workload. Also, when planning out your garden, keep in mind how the colors will work together. Consider sticking to a few colors.

Make It Cross Seasonal

Thankfully, New Jersey gets to see all four seasons. That means you have a wide variety of plants to choose from that will grow all year round. When you’re planning out your garden, consider plant varieties that will showcase your garden throughout the year.

Plant bulbs that will blossom in early spring and early summer and plant evergreen shrubs for year round color. You can also plant stuff that will highlight the beautiful fall colors when their leaves start to change. In winter, you can have colorful pots and other garden artwork around to still keep your garden lively.

Give Us A Call If You Need Help

If you get stuck in the planning phase of your garden, feel free to give us a call. Our professional team here at Chris James Landscaping would be happy to come help you out and give your garden a makeover.