Get a Modern Firepit Installed in Your NJ Yard This Fall

Pretty soon, the air will turn crisp, the leaves will turn auburn and gold, and fall will be upon us. Year after year, you talk about putting in a firepit. Make 2017 the year of doing, not talking, and install that firepit. There are so many great reasons to have a modern firepit in your NJ yard —here are a few of our favorites.

modern firepitOutdoor Gatherings

More and more, people are extending their homes into the outdoors by building patios, decks, and firepits to take living to a new level. Who doesn’t love a great outdoor gathering of family or friends? Imagine yourself heading out to the firepit after a great dinner with friends. Enjoy a glass of wine or take dessert outdoors while you make s’mores or toast marshmallows with the family. Maybe you’ve had a memorable camping trip where everyone sat around the fire singing songs or telling ghost stories. Now you can create that in your backyard with your children. And grandparents who install a firepit transform their yard into a gathering place for the grandkids.

Be More Social

Everyone loves sitting around the fire, and a firepit gives you a great reason to invite neighbors over. Need ideas for a girls’ night? Firepit night toasting with champagne makes the perfect night. Need ideas for a date night? Why go out to an expensive restaurant when you can have a romantic fireside dinner for two? It’s a wonderfully cozy atmosphere.

Human Instincts and the Great Outdoors

Fire is beautiful. As the flames crackle, we feel a calling to nature. The fire instills something natural and primal in our souls. Plus, you can stay outdoors in all seasons. With a firepit, you can even enjoy winter gatherings. The heat will warm you, even if snow is piled all around your pit. If you have a pool, extend the swim season a bit longer into September. Chilly? No problem. Get out of the pool and head over to the firepit. Even better, put a firepit in the middle of your pool for everyone to gather around. If you install a gas firepit, you can control the flame level for just the right amount of heat, no matter what the outdoor conditions are.

Upgrade Your Backyard

Maybe you have a patch of grass or maybe even mud in your yard. You’ve tried everything, and you don’t know what to do with it. Turn that unused around and build a firepit. Problem solved. It’s also an excellent way to light up a dark, unused corner of your yard. There are so many styles to choose from; you’ll be able to get the exact look you want. In ground or above ground, metal or rock, circle or square, gas line or propane tank, choose a design that fits your yard and outdoor space. Add decorative elements like red rocks, pebbles or fire glass to finish off the look.

Sizes, Shapes, and Types

Fire pits come in many sizes, from the smallest pit to fit in a small urban yard to a large pit. It’s your choice! There are many options to fit your exact space. They also come in many price points to fit every budget, from the very basic to the very elaborate with built-in seating and other features. You can even do a custom design. You can have a wood burning pit, but you can also have a gas or propane model, too. Wood pits are great, but your area might have building restrictions, air pollution ordinances or burn bans that you need to be aware of before you build. Check both city and county guidelines. A protective screen is recommended.

Natural gas pits are much easier to operate. Gas turns on with the flip of a switch and can be used in more areas like wooden decks or gazebos. The convenience comes at a cost, and these pits are usually more expensive, particularly if you have to connect it to an underground gas line. Once you install it, you can’t move it, so make sure you like the space!

A propane option gives you a bit more flexibility than you’d have with a natural gas pit. They’re easy to light but are also free standing and thus easily moved. The propane tanks do run out, so you’ll have to make sure you have a steady supply on hand. There’s nothing like being in the middle of a marshmallow roast and running out of propane.

Outdoor Seating

If you have a pit, you need outdoor seating. Whether you have log stools or Adirondack chairs, either way, seating creates a warm and inviting space around your firepit. Seating helps even more to create a natural focal point for your yard. A landscaper can help you design and create an outdoor space that makes you feel proud.

When you have a firepit, you will use your yard a lot more often. It’s a great way to attract neighbors and friends to the great outdoors year-round. Whether you’re gathered around in swimsuits in the summer, or wrapped in blankets in the winter, there is a gathering for every season when you have a firepit in your backyard. Just remember that a firepit should be installed at least 10 feet from your home or other structures like garages or sheds.

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