How Green is Your Landscaped Garden?

How Green is Your Landscaped Garden?

“Going green” is so cool that everyone wants to do it now, but not everyone knows where to begin. This is especially the case when you want to invest in landscaping your home and want to create a “natural environment” that can help you save energy as well as water. In simple terms, you want a “green” landscaped backyard or lawn. But how do you know if your landscaped garden is really eco-friendly? The first step is to begin by understanding what Green landscaping means. 

What is green landscaping?

© JulietPhotography - Fotolia.comYou may say that by planting trees and shrubs and creating a green environment around the house, you are being eco-friendly. Agreed. But even then, your landscaping plans could end up wasting resources, both natural and man-made, and cost you heavily. Green landscaping is the idea of designing and developing a landscaped lawn or garden that saves you money, water and energy. So to save these three major resources, it is important to focus on designing an eco-friendly plan to landscape your lawn or backyard.

Plant the right trees

Find plants that are native to your region, and not just the country, and plant them in your lawn. Native plants and trees are those that grow naturally in the soil of the region, which means they will thrive in all weather conditions, regardless of whether you provide water or fertilizers. Native plants also require a lot lesser maintenance, which means you save not just water and money, but also on time.

Responsible watering

Every lawn needs to be watered regularly for it to stay green. In summer, the amount of water needed for gardening increases. What many homeowners do not know is that grass naturally goes into a dormant state, and summer is the best time to let it go into dormancy. Water your plants once in a while in summer and make sure that when you do, you soak the soil completely to avoid insect and drought problems that shallow watering causes. Using organic mulch is also a good idea to retain the moisture in the soil and prevent growth of weeds.

Include a rain barrel in the garden to collect rain water and use it for gardening when required.

Use recycled material to decorate the lawn

Think of ways to make your lawn “green” in every possible way. Decorate the lawn using recyclable material like old plastic pots, bottles and other material. You can also consider reusing or recycling bricks when landscaping to cut down on the costs and make use of “waste” material that simply goes out to landfill.

Benefits of green landscaping 

Green landscaping services are beneficial in many ways. These services help to save natural resources such as water and energy, while also reducing costs for homeowners. Additionally, green landscaping plans focus on planting native plants and trees, which need less maintenance and are better suited to the local climate. Furthermore, green landscaping services can include the use of recycled materials to decorate the lawn, helping to reduce waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Ultimately, green landscaping services help to create a beautiful, sustainable outdoor environment that is both cost effective and ecologically friendly. 

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As you can see, green landscaping is a great way to save on resources while making your lawn look beautiful and lush. At Chris James Landscaping, we are dedicated to providing our clients with sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping solutions. We have the knowledge and experience to create a green landscape that meets your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a green landscape that you can be proud of.