Why You Should Hire Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Services

Why You Should Hire Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Services

Winter is coming! For businesses that have several employees and customers it is vital for snow and ice to be properly removed. The risk of possible injuries is very high with snow, ice, and slush patches surrounding your building. 

For you and your employees to take it upon yourself and shovel is also extremely dangerous. In a study in 2015, 11,500 Americans had to receive treatment for broken bones, back injuries, heart attacks, and other injuries caused by removing snow. To avoid unnecessary injuries and lawsuits hire a professional commercial snow and ice removal service. 

Save Time and Money By Hiring The Right Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Service

You and your employees need to stay inside your warm building and focus on your own daily business responsibilities and tasks. There is no time to spend hours and hours in the cold without the proper equipment or supplies to get all of that heavy snow and stubborn ice removed.

Research companies to see which one is best for you. This is the company you will depend on to make your property safe. You want to choose a professional reputable snow and ice removal company that you can trust like Chris James Landscaping. They have been around for years and know what they are doing. They have all of the high quality equipment to get the job done and efficiently. They take pride in removing every possible safety slip hazard not just outside but will clean up the slush at the entrance of your door also.

Hire a Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Company In The Summer

Don’t wait until the winter to hire a snow and ice removal service. When a storm hits these companies are in high demand. Other companies have already pre-booked them way in advance. When you book in advance you could be still on a waitlist, but you are securing a spot. 

In the summer you can see the ground and come up with a plan with your contractor. You can both walk around “warm” and take your time to assess the property/sidewalks. You can both decide what is the wisest way to transport trucks/equipment through which pathway when a snow storm strikes. In the summer their equipment and ice melting products are still available to order. After a snowstorm these are impossible to book just as much as the contractors.

Save Money Buying Expensive Equipment/Materials

A commercial snow and ice removal service will have all of the high quality equipment and supplies you need to combat the heavy now. If you and your employees try to conquer the snow yourself, shovels are not all you need! You need a good quality snow blower! A snow blower alone can be very expensive and maintaining it over the years can get costly as well. Even just the idea of where you are going to store your blower can be an issue.

Depending on the size of your business parking lot, you may need to rent a snow plow truck and hire someone to drive it. If you hire a commercial snow and ice removal service ahead of time and prepare this can be a part of your overall package which can save you thousands opposed to hiring separately. Don’t forget you will need endless ice melting supplies that can become pricey as well. Fortunately you save money in bulk with removal services.

Act fast Now Before It’s Too Late

Don’t wait until there are several feet of snow surrounding your business to hire a commercial snow and ice removal company! Pick up the phone and book a reputable company now. Here in Allendale, NJ businesses have relied on snow reputable removal services like Chris James Landscaping to survive the cold winters all these years. Please call for more information.