Holiday Plants to Beautify Your New Jersey Yard

Even though winter is coming, it does not mean you have to be subjected to a lifeless landscape all season. Despite the fact that New Jersey has its fair share of nasty weather every winter, you can still have a beautiful and thriving outdoor landscape to help you get through the doldrums that often accompany this time of year. Creating a landscape that can withstand the winter requires you to give some earnest consideration to the plants and flowers you use. Living landscape elements that do well during the more temperate times of the year cannot necessarily withstand the harsh cold weather of a New Jersey winter. However, there are some plants that are able to thrive in the winter. The following plants are excellent choices to include in your winter landscape.


No list of holiday plants is complete without the traditional poinsettia. Poinsettias are a common holiday plant largely because of their vibrant red color. However, they have other features that make them a staple of the holiday season. Even though poinsettias are usually red or white, they are often dyed other colors. You can perk up any landscape with some poinsettias of varying colors. Even though these beautiful holiday flowers are normally kept inside, they are a great outdoor plant as well. Rather than planting them in your flower beds, though, simply plant them in planters that can be moved inside if the weather gets frigid. Even though this precautionary measure must be taken from time to time, having poinsettias at the threshold of your front door is a great way to welcome people into your home for the holiday season.


Evergreens go hand in hand with the holidays. Although the most common use of evergreen at this time of year is the traditional Christmas tree that many people have standing in their living rooms all season long, there are many ways to incorporate evergreens into your holiday landscape as well. Small evergreens can be potted and placed strategically throughout the yard. Be sure to adorn them with stringed lights to give them a familiar feel. Evergreens grow well when they are potted, and the smaller-sized ones are fairly easy to move. Evergreens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find ones that can fit into your landscape without any trouble. Evergreen cuttings can also be used to make wreaths that can also be incorporated into the landscape or home decor.


If you are looking for a little more color than an evergreen can offer to your New Jersey winter landscape, camellias can be the answer you are looking for. These small, rose-like flowers offer just the right pop of color to bring life to a winter landscape. Plus, there are some new cold-weather hybrids that can stand up to even the worst New Jersey winter weather.


When you are creating a plan for your winter landscape, allow yourself to think out of the box a bit. Do not simply confine yourself to potted plants and flowers. Many vegetables stand up well to the harsh winter. Fill your winter garden with good-for-you foods such as broccoli, onions, spinach and turnips. Not only will they look beautiful as they grow, but they will also provide you with nourishment and sustenance as the cold weather rages on.

Japanese Yew

Japanese yew is one of the best plants to include in a winter landscape. It is incredibly tough and hardy, and can withstand a lot of abuse from the outdoor elements. Further, it is resistant to droughts and needs only a small amount of sunlight to thrive. So, it is perfect for lining pathways, fences, and other areas that do not get much exposure to sunlight.


There is no more aptly-named flower for a winter landscape than the snowdrop. This diminutive little beauty may look weak and frail, but it can survive the extremely cold temperatures and large amounts of snow that are typical of a New Jersey winter.

Winter Hollies

Winter hollies are frequently seen at this time of year. The small round beads that are the prominent feature of this plant are stunning when displayed against freshly fallen snow.


The beautiful and vibrant bells that make up this flower bring cheer and happiness to your winter landscape. They come in purple, bronze and white varieties that all simply sing with happiness. This flower has a tendency to dry out easily, so be sure to water it often.

Your New Jersey landscape can thrive all winter long by choosing the right plants and flowers. If you want to keep your landscape beautiful all winter long, work with a local landscaping service to help you achieve the look you desire. Skilled and knowledgeable professionals can help you choose the right plants and flowers to fit your yard’s needs this winter.

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