How to Feed the Birds in New Jersey Without Destroying Your Lawn

How to Feed the Birds in New Jersey Without Destroying Your Lawn

We all love sitting in our peaceful gardens while watching and listening to the birds. In order to draw the birds into your space, you probably have a few bird feeders to attract them.

The only problem is that birds love to kick the seeds out over your lawn and cause weeds to pop up. That’s why our team at Chris James Landscaping has put together some information to show you how you can take care of your birds in New Jersey without destroying your lawn.

Select Foods that Minimize the Mess

Choose bird food that’s had the seed shells removed such as sunflower hearts. This will prevent any stray seeds from germinating in your yard. You can also choose special bird seed blends that have hulled millet in order to create less mess.

Some other great non-mess options include cylinder feeders, suet, and bark butter. You’ll also want to make sure you pick blends specific to your geographical location so it has the right ingredients for your local birds.

Use Trays for Feeding the Birds

Trays help contain the mess by preventing seed from falling to the ground. Make sure you select a large enough tray that’s big enough to accommodate your birds. You can also attach trays underneath tube feeders to catch any stray seed that falls.

Another reliable option is a bird seed catcher. This looks like a soft disk that is attached to the bottom of your feeder. It catches any stray seed to prevent it from hitting the ground and cuts down on waste. Your birds will also be able to eat directly off the catcher.

Don’t Buy the Cheap Food

The cheaper bird seed has a lot of added fillers such as red millet. The birds don’t like this and will drop it to the ground as they look the seeds they do like. This will cause weeds to grow in your yard as the dropped seeds germinate. More expensive bird seed blends don’t have fillers and if you pick blends for your area, there will be very little discarded by the birds.

Use Baked Bird Seed

There are a few bird seed varieties out there that have been baked. This still provides a nutritious food source for your birds. Since the seeds have been baked, they won’t germinate in your yard and cause weeds to start growing. If you can’t find baked bird seed then you can do it yourself. Simply place the bird seed on a baking sheet and bake it at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

Use Squirrel Proof Feeders

While birds can be messy eaters and kick seeds out of the feeder, squirrels can be an even bigger problem. They can grab seeds from the feeder and scatter it all over your yard instead of just beneath the feeder. Choose squirrel proof feeders such as:

  • Caged feeders
  • Battery operated spinning feeders
  • Weight sensitive feeders
  • Feeders with a squirrel baffle attached to the pole

Another great way to prevent the squirrels from reaching the feeder is to place a wire between two poles and hang the feeder in between. String empty water bottles on either side of the feeder so that the squirrel rolls off the wire if they attempt to cross it.

Call Our Team in to Help!

If the weeds in your yard have gotten out of control, then we can come in and do weed control on your lawn. Among other things, we can even weed for you! If you’re in the New Jersey area and you need landscaping help then give the team here at Chris James Landscaping a call!