How to Grow Your Own Herbs In A Fragrant NJ Garden

Fresh herbs make any meal more appealing. And the cost of buying them at the store can be steep. Why not learn how to grow your own herbs? Start a fragrant NJ garden with delightful herbs such as rosemary, sage, and more. Spring is the perfect season to start a thriving herb garden.

grow your own herbsHerbs for All Seasons and Reasons

An herb garden can be started any season of the year. It depends on if you want to grow it in a plot or pot. And the spring is a perfect time to start an outdoor herb garden in NJ. Herbs are useful for many purposes. And people need herbs for cooking, crafts, healing, and other projects. Enjoy the convenience of having them on a windowsill or in the backyard garden.

Starter Plants

Most herb gardens being with planting starter plants. It is challenging to grow herbs from seed outside. Starter plants are available¬†for purchase at a local garden shop. Or the seeds can be started indoors then replanted into the garden when they sprout. And either way, it’s time to get your garden started.

Clear the Soil

Like any other garden, you need clear soil to start an herb garden. Get rid of the weeds and grass. And turn the soil over so it is fresh. Consider putting a fence around the garden to ward off furry pests. Decide if you want to combat bugs naturally or with herbicides. Sprinkle lime and fertilizer on the soil.

Consider Compost

Compost helps herbs and other plants grow. Consider starting your own compost pile. Use the compost to enrich the soil and grow healthy herbs. Whether you make or buy compost, add it to your NJ herb garden before planting.¬†And once the soil is prepared, it’s time to plant your favorite herbs.

How Does the Garden Grow

Now it’s time to consider how to put the plants into the ground. Find out how tall and wide the plants grow. Knowing the approximate size helps you figure out where to plant them. Leave enough space between the plants so they can grow. And you may want to add markers to the soil so you know what the plants are as they start to thrive.

Planting Order

The smaller plants should be in the front of the garden. And plant the larger herbs toward the back. Include a mix of annuals and perennials. Perennials will return for years with the proper maintenance. Annuals add color and flavor to the garden. Dill and basil are two favorite annuals to plant in NJ.

Choose Your Herbs

Make sure to select useful herbs that are beautiful, too. Parsley is a mainstay in any herb garden. Lemongrass and mint add a wonderful fragrance to the air. Lavender is also fragrant and can be dried to use for many purposes. Chives, rosemary, thyme, and sage add plenty of flavor to your favorite dishes.

Basic Tips

Wait to plant your outdoor herb garden until there is no risk of frost. Determine which plants need sun and the ones that do better will less exposure. Remember to water and fertilize the garden to keep the plants growing. And herbs can also be planted in your vegetable garden. If you mix lots of plants, markers are important so you know what everything is when you want to use it.

Work with a professional landscaper to help you design and cultivate the ultimate NJ gardens. Watch flowers, herbs, and vegetables grow in harmony as they boost the appeal of your yard. And a landscaper can help you find the best ways to make gardens grow.

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