How to Save Water in Your Garden in New Jersey

How to Save Water in Your Garden in New Jersey

The average American uses 100 gallons of water per day and twice that amount in the summertime. Chris James Landscaping wants to help you conserve water when you are maintaining your flower beds. There are a few ways that you can cut down on your water needs while maintaining a thriving garden in the New Jersey area.

Choose Plants that Need Less Water

Use plants native to the area that require less water. Native plants will also be able to withstand the temperature changes during the winter and won’t become invasive. You can also choose smaller plants as they require less water and try to plant things in groups based off their water needs.

Use Mulch

Mulch does more than cut down on weeds and make your garden look pretty. It also serves to prevent evaporation, make the soil cooler, and retain moisture. Mulch is a vital part of your garden if you want to cut down on your water needs.

Install A Drip System

Perhaps the best way to conserve water in your garden is to use a drip irrigation system. This slowly releases small amounts of water directly to the base of your plants. This helps cut down on water runoff and evaporation.

If you don’t want to install a drip system, make sure you have a watering schedule so that you’re watering at the same time every day. The best time of day to water is in the early morning before the heat of the day. If you can’t water in the early morning then you can install a water timer irrigation system. These can be as simple as a timer connected to a sprinkler or more complex sprinkler systems.

Use Rainwater

Rainwater is a source of free water and with all the rain we get here in New Jersey, you can quickly save up enough to last you through the summer. It’s easy to set up a rainwater harvesting system utilizing the rain off your roof. It’s also easy to install a drip system directly from your rainwater storage system.

Use the Right Planters

Make sure your potted plants are in the right containers. Using a pot that is too big will require more water that’s wasteful because you’re essentially watering dirt. Also, use light colored, plastic containers. Metal planters or dark colored ones will heat up quickly and cause the water to evaporate.

Quickly Remove Weeds

Weeds not only sap nutrients from your plants but they also suck up water. If you let them grow, you’ll have to water more in order to get enough to your plants. Promptly removing weeds will not only make it easier to weed but it’ll ensure they aren’t taking away precious water from your garden.

Use Rocks in Your Garden

Rocks are a great way to cool down your garden. They remain cooler than the environment for some time and placing them throughout your garden will help cool it and reduce evaporation. Another great use for rocks is to build rock pathways that help guide rain runoff to your garden area. You can also use rocks as mulch to prevent weed growth and retain moisture.

Hand Over the Work to Us!

The team here at Chris James Landscaping is always happy to help you out in the New Jersey area. We can help you out with your garden area to create a lush, beautiful place without all the water requirements. Cutting down on your water use helps out your community and makes less work for you. Give us a call today to help you out!