Importance of Mulching Your Home Garden

Your home is your haven, and taking care of it should be your priority. Most individuals are enthusiastic while installing a garden or a lawn in their New Jersey home, but their eagerness takes a backseat when it comes to maintenance. Yes, gardening requires effort, but it pays off exponentially.

© Gekon - Fotolia.comOne of the most crucial things for your garden is mulching. Mulching is when you apply a layer of organic or non-organic material over the top soil around your plants and shrubs. A mulch may be temporary or permanent, and it can be applied around plants or over bare soil.

Mulch can be prepared from materials like bark chips, organic residues, shells, or even sawdust, and is generally at least two inches deep. Before mulching, however, there are some factors you must consider – cost, effect on soil, appearance, and chemical reactions like change in soil’s pH level.

Benefits of mulching

A host of benefits can be gained by mulching. The materials used in the formation of mulches (which largely depend on the type of garden/plantations you have) can not only strengthen your plants, but also act as a non-toxic herbicide. Some common reasons for using mulch in gardens are:

  • To maintain the moisture level in the root zone of your plants and shrubs
  • To protect your trees and bedding plants
  • To improve the health and fertility of the soil
  • To keep a check on unwanted plants
  • To help your garden look more appealing visually
  • To prevent soil erosion and maintain an even soil temperature

After mulching, you must remember to water your garden regularly. Your NJ landscape requires a minimum of 1” of water every week during summer.

Depending on your needs, mulch may be prepared on-site or off-site. If you want to use it as a compost, it can be prepared using a mixture of grass clippings and animal manure. To retain moisture in the soil and reduce fungus growth, you may make use of rubber mulches that are prepared from 100 percent recycled rubber. To protect your plants from harsh winter temperatures, you can use rock and gravel that will help retain heat

Temporary mulches are used for most home gardens, which may need to be replaced once every few months. It is best to consult a New Jersey mulching expert who will help you in designing your landscape and selecting the right type of mulch for your garden.

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