How an Irrigation System Can Help Your NJ Yard Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and it has brought scorching temperatures along for the ride. These temperatures place your yard’s landscaping and gardens under attack – not to mention the accompanying thunderous rainstorms and other environmental hazards that summer produces. Having an efficient irrigation system in place is your saving grace for preserving your beautiful lawn and its chances of surviving the summer. An irrigation system can offer you several benefits beyond just keeping your NJ yard in beautiful shape.

chris james blog 1 july 2016 depositphotos_39328441_m2015Keep Your Lawn Healthy

You have spent a significant amount of time working on your yard and garden to create the perfect eye-catching curbside appeal. In the summer months, your social calendar quickly fills up with family vacations, pool parties, and other summer fun. This leaves little to no free time for you to spend focusing on the attention that your yard needs to remain healthy.

The Right Amount of Water

An irrigation system works to protect your investment and ensure that your plants, flowers and other lawn elements survive and thrive throughout the summer. It provides the right amount of water at the essential times throughout the day when your yard is in need of nourishment. Many of the irrigation systems available contain automatic programming features that allow you to set the day and time for watering your yard. You are free to enjoy a variety of summer activities without worrying that your lawn or garden is being neglected.

Conserve Water

Irrigation systems are an excellent way to conserve your water use. By selecting an automation process for your system, it disperses the correct amount of water that your lawn or garden needs for nourishment. This works to protect against over exposure to water, which can cause your grass and garden elements to become over-saturated and begin to die off.

Consider Summer Rain

Rain is a common occurrence in the summertime. For that reason, many irrigation systems come equipped with rain sensors. Therefore, when it begins to rain, the irrigation system detects that activity and turns off the sprinklers that may currently be running at the time. An automatic irrigation system contains the potential to save up to 50 percent of your water use in comparison to you manually watering your lawn and garden.

Create Financial Savings

Any opportunity to save money as a homeowner is a good thing. Having an irrigation system allows you to do just that. The rain shut-off function will significantly reduce your water usage, which reduces the amount of your monthly household water bill. The ability to automatically program when your irrigation systems runs allows you to optimize the best points of the day for watering your lawn and garden.

A Timer Saves Water and Money

You can set a timer to water early in the morning before the heat rises. This function ensures that all of the water disbursed will make its way onto the landscaping as opposed to evaporating in the air due to heat and humidity. This substantially reduces the potential for wasting water and works to save you money as well. Over or under watering your lawn or garden can result in grass becoming brittle, breaking off and needing replacement. Laying sod patches, and the amount of water those patches need, is not inexpensive. By having an irrigation system in place, you work to prevent that from happening. The system’s primary objective is to make sure your yard receives the exact amount of water nourishment necessary to prevent a situation of over or under watering. This means that you will not have to worry about replacing any parts of your yard that begin to die off as a result of the outdoor summer elements.

Types of Irrigation Systems Available

There are several types of irrigation systems available. The one you select depends on the size of your yard and the climate of your geographical area. A spray irrigation system consists of a series of tubes that run just underneath the surface area of your yard. Water travels through the tube system into sprinklers and sprayers that are in strategic areas around your yard. The yard receives water on time intervals that you set through an automatic program system.

Water Delivery

A drip irrigation system focuses on delivering water to the plant roots and other areas of soil just below the surface of the ground. With this system, the water never goes above ground, which reduces the risk of losing water exposure to the hot summer temperatures throughout the day. Water delivery occurs through a series of tubes that contain holes which releases the water into the underground soil.

It can be difficult to decide which system is the most ideal for your yard. You can start by consulting a landscaping expert. Professionals can assess your lawn and garden areas and offer suggestions regarding the type of irrigation system that would work the best for you.

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