What Do Landscapers Usually Do In The Wintertime?

What Do Landscapers Usually Do In The Wintertime?

It’s winter and the goal is to stay warm and inside. Nothing appears to be growing or blooming. Not even the weeds. So what are the landscapers in Hohokus, New Jersey, doing in winter? This is the time they clean up from the past several months and get your property ready for the coming growing season.

What Landscapers Can’t Do in Winter

If daytime highs are hovering around freezing and below, there’s not much they can do. When the roads are unsafe, they probably aren’t on them. If the ground is frozen they can’t work it. There are things to do when travel and weather permit.

Days are shorter meaning it will take more time to get things done than during longer spring and summer days. Bergen County, New Jersey, is in the northeast section of the state, therefore its winters are colder, limiting the opportunity for some landscaping activity.

Plants that are more cold-sensitive cannot be put in the ground. Only plants that can tolerate the winter weather can be put in.

What Can They Do?

Your landscaper should winterize your irrigation system to prevent damage. It’s time for an extra layer of mulch to protect plants over the winter. 

When the temperatures and weather conditions permit, those plants that will survive can be planted. When the ground begins to warm they will have begun to establish a healthy root system allowing them to thrive when summer temperatures climb. Don’t neglect the occasional watering necessary over the winter.

This is a good time to assess what you have, what you want to change, and what you want to add. It is a good time for working with your landscaper on changes you want in plantings and structure in your landscape. In other words, now is the time for planning.

Priorities for Landscapers in Winter

New Jersey winters are cold but not severe December through March. The coldest months are January and February. This makes it possible and necessary to take on some tasks.

Lawncare during the winter in New Jersey is minimal. Aeration and fertilizing are about all your lawn will need to get ready for warm weather.

Cleaning beds of debris needs to be done to assure healthy plants in the spring. Failure to take care of this task can lead to fungus and disease later.

Now is the time for trimming trees of damaged and dead limbs. Additional damage may occur during winter weather and should be taken care of as needed.

Pruning of some shrubs will take place in late fall to early winter. Others will need this care in late winter to early spring. Your landscaper will see this is done on schedule to ensure healthy, blooming shrubs.

This is also the time to have your landscaper take on structural projects in your landscape. Plants are out of the way awaiting their time to appear or be pruned for their spring show. Now is the time to put in a new patio, retaining wall, pergola…whatever idea you may have to improve or enhance your area.

Time To Talk with You

With less work demand, now is the time professional landscapers are available to talk with you about providing you the landscape you have always wanted. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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