How Often Should My Yard Be Landscaped In Bergen County?

How Often Should My Yard Be Landscaped In Bergen County?

Are you looking for landscaping in the Bergen area? Are you looking for someone to take over the landscaping in your yard? The thought of doing it on your own is overwhelming. Which plants to grow? What’s the best lawn for my area? Do I have good soil? Does it need to be amended to grow healthy, thriving plants?

It’s time to contact a professional who can take care of it. Maybe you want to do most of the routine maintenance but let a professional set it up and do the heavy work of maintaining your property.

How often a landscaper comes depends on whether you enjoy gardening or you just want to enjoy the garden. Your landscaper will work with you to design the space or spaces where you will spend time outside your home. The frequency of their return will depend on how much time you want to invest. It will also depend on the season. Landscaping is a year-round job with time investment dependent on the season.

What Can I Expect A Landscaper To Do?

The tasks a landscaper performs depends on the level of care you are seeking. You should begin by putting together a landscape design. This is where you will want to invest in a good, qualified landscaper who will listen to what you want created. Planning the outside areas of your property can be as important as planning the inside of your home. Your landscaper can help you put together a big picture that may include small areas of specific interest. 

Landscaping is a year-round job. Planting, mulching, trimming shrubs, pruning healthy trees, removing plant debris from gardens, and preparation to begin for the next year. For a project of any size, there should also be discussion about some sort of irrigation system.

How Do I Choose A Landscaper?

There are standard practices you can follow whenever you are seeking a new service provider or contractor.

  • Always ask a friend or someone you know whose landscaping sets the tone you want on your property.  
  • Check online for landscapers in your area. Many landscapers will post on their website examples of their work.
  • Check with the BBB before entering into an agreement.

The well-qualified professionals at Chris James Landscaping in Bergen County, New Jersey, have the knowledge and skill to transform the outside of your home into a place you will want to visit often and invite guests.

What Can I Expect To Pay a Landscaper?

Big question without a short answer. Most homeowners will work with a residential landscaper instead of a commercial one. They usually cost less. Landscaping designers can cost between $50 to $150 per hour. Designers and installers can run $4 to $10 per square foot. It is important to place plants where they will thrive and alongside plants with similar light and soil needs.

Home Advisor gives the sum of $3,300 for the average cost for plant installation. If you have a large project, or limited knowledge, you will want to make the investment.

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