Landscaping Lights Ideas in New Jersey

Landscaping Lights Ideas in New Jersey

Illuminate your landscaping so you can enjoy it’s beauty whether it’s light or dark outside. Here at Chris James Landscaping, we offer landscaping design for our customers in Bergen County and surrounding areas. We have a few ideas of things you can do to use lighting in your yard. 

1. Accent With a Flood Light

Place a floodlight on the top of your house and point it at places in your yard that you want to highlight. You can place several on the roof and shine down on the house to create a beautiful design. We recommend that you place these lights right above groups of bushes in your front beds. 

Also, you can place floodlights in your hard and shine it towards places you want to highlight. One on either side of the front door, aiming towards the landscaping on either side is a great look. If you have a tree or a flagpole, pointing a light on those is another good idea.  

2. Illuminate Your Walkways

Many people like to illuminate their walkways with solar lights. These lights will get energy during the day and cut on when it gets dark. There are other options that are corded which can be a good option as well. Lighting your sidewalks is a great way to keep your friends and family safe when they are walking up to the house at night. 

You can also extend the design by placing the lights on either side of the walkways and in front of the house along the gardens. This will cast a glow onto your house as well as highlight your bushes and flowers. 

3. Light up the Pool or Fountain 

Another great way to bring warmth to your yard is to put lights in the pool or install a fountain with lights. Consider getting bulbs that change colors to add another dimension to your design. Water is a great place to put strobing colors. You can get pool lights in red, green blue, white magenta, and orange.

Fountains can be purchased with lights already in them. You’ll have to make sure that you have a water supply line wherever you plan to set up the fountain. Our team could help you choose the best place for it. 

4. Ground Lights For Gardens

Just like the lights that you would put on either side of your walkways, you can place in your gardens. Consider putting single lights in flowerbeds to cast a glow on the ground beneath. Don’t put it near tall grass that will block the light, rather stick it in an open space with shorter ground cover. 

Ground lights would be a great place for ivy or vines that run along the ground. It’s also a good way to light up baren areas that are covered with mulch.

Get in Touch With us For Landscape Design

The team here at Chris James Landscaping can come out and work with you on the best design for your yard. We’ll be happy to make recommendations and put together a plan for your gardens and grass. Also, we offer year-round maintenance for your yard so it always looks great. 

Get in touch with us today so we can schedule a time to come out. Our team is happy to work with you to create a beautiful yard for you to enjoy.