Learn More About the Hot Landscape Lighting Trends NJ Homeowners Need

You’ve put a lot of thought into making sure that the landscape looks lovely around your home to help add to the curb appeal and make it reflect your personality. That’s enough, right? You may not be taking full advantage of your landscape if you’re not including some of these awesome landscape lighting trends that can turn your yard into a spectacular sight at night. Not only can lighting make your yard look amazing, but it also offers you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors at night – which is certainly going to be welcome in the next few months. Let’s learn more about the hot landscape lighting trends NJ homeowners need to know.

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For your home landscape lighting projects, you are probably not looking to light up your home as brightly as a business would need to be lit up. This means you can opt for more trendy lights.

Line Pathways

One lighting trend is using the landscaping lighting you have to line pathways, making the walk to your front door easy and elegant. Another trend is to pick a few features that you’d like to accent with light during the night. Examples of this could be a gazing ball in the middle of your garden or a fountain. You can even accent any features in your home that help add to the curb appeal, such as landscaping edging or landscaping stones.

Smaller Fixtures

Another fun trend that has been emerging with lighting is the production of smaller fixtures. These fixtures are easier to hide around your landscape to give the lighting that you need without the public seeing the fixtures themselves. This can make your landscape look more natural and less cluttered. A similar trend involves shielding fixture so that the viewer’s eye is drawn to the lighting effect that is achieved rather than drawn to the light source itself.

Have Fun

You can have fun with the lights that you are going to use. While they serve a practical purpose, they can add something unique to your outdoor spaces, too.

Whimsical Fixtures

For instance, there are some beautiful, glowing Chinese lanterns and other whimsical lighting features that can be used to line your backyard garden or pathways. There are even underwater lights that will work well in a pond or fountain to add that extra little bit of pizazz to your water features. Strands of light can look beautiful wrapped around your back porch or a garden trellis. Don’t feel as though the only option available to you is to go with plain and boring lights.


The use of color is another trend that can add a fun and festive feel to your landscape. Color filters can be added to your lights and will change the color that shines on a feature or your home. This is one way to further personalize your home. Not only can filters be added to your lights, but more color options are becoming available for fixtures themselves. Bronze, copper, and other metal colors are popular for outdoor light fixtures, and more reasonably priced metal-colored outdoor landscaping fixtures are being put on the market.

Light Options

The key with outdoor landscape lighting is that you need to find light options that are meant for outdoor purposes. You may find that some of the lighting options that offer a cute look, such as strands of twinkly lights, are only meant for indoor use. Be sure to check this before putting any lights outside. Incandescent lights seem to be on their way out as better lighting options are coming on the market. LED lights are becoming a popular choice for outdoor lighting and last for a long time. Halogen lights are another great choice for outdoor lighting. These bulbs can fit in small fixtures and offer a long life.

Lighting Considerations

Keep in mind that insufficient lighting can post a hazard to you and your house guests, as no one will not be able to see where he or she is going – especially on steep or narrow stairs.

Adequate Lighting

One mistake that can be made while lighting up your landscape is putting a light at the top of your porch stairs, sitting upon the column. This is not enough. You also need to add another source of light around your stairs or the stairs themselves will be in the shadows. Be sure to avoid this hazard by adding more lighting to eliminate the shadows.

Personalized Approach

Lighting up your landscape can add a sense of adventure or romance to your home as well as accent your perfectly groomed landscape. These great trends can help you to personalize your landscape lighting to your specifications and needs to make your lighting work for you. Don’t forget that you can have fun with your landscape lighting to make your home stand out from the crowd.

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