Lorrimer Sanctuary

Lorrimer Sanctuary was inherited in 1956 by Ms. Lucine Lorrimer. The property and grounds are now used for education, embracing nature, and housing many threatened and endangered species local to New Jersey. 

Where Is Lorrimer Sanctuary Located?

Lorrimer Sanctuary is located at 790 Ewing Avenue, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417. Entry fees only apply if you are attending an event or program. Otherwise, you can use the walking trails and nature grounds from sunrise to sunset to enjoy nature and have a picnic. Some programs are for members only. It could be a great option if you are looking to spend more time at the grounds after you experience your first visit. 

What To Do At Lorrimer Sanctuary?

This sanctuary has 14 acres of forest, hiking trails, gardens, and a picnic area. If you begin at the visitor center, bookstore, and gift shop, you will see visual and hands-on exhibits and can purchase items for souvenirs. The planned events and programs have a fun learning experience or activity related to nature, including birds, plants, gardening, and conserving the land. Feel free to bring your camera or phone to capture memorable moments of nature. 

Other Things To Do Nearby

Spending the day outdoors, hiking, and enjoying nature may cause you to build up an appetite. There are several local and chain restaurants minutes away from the sanctuary. A few of the restaurants with good reviews are Chef’s Table, a french bistro, La Cambusa, an Italian restaurant, and Harmony Mediterranean Grill. 

After you have grabbed a bite to eat, if you plan on continuing your experience in nature, located only a couple miles away is Abma’s Market, Greenhouse, and petting zoo. At the Farm, you can purchase fresh local produce and eggs, buy pony rides, or witness the beauty in the greenhouses. 

How To Get To Lorrimer Sanctuary From Chris James Landscaping

After becoming inspired to update your landscaping with Chris James Landscaping, drive over to Lorrimer Sanctuary to enjoy nature and spend the day outdoors. Follow the directions below to visit the sanctuary that is less than 6 miles away.