Making Commercial Landscape Plans for Spring in NJ

Curb appeal isn’t just for homeowners. Feeling a little stuck on what you should do about your commercial landscaping areas? Here are some ideas to help you start making commercial landscape plans for spring in Mahwah, Oakland, Paramus, and Fairlawn areas.

commercial landscaping servicesBasic Landscape Maintenance

You should spend a little time getting your basic landscape maintenance handled at the beginning of the spring season. It’s much easier to take care of your landscape services in the spring when it’s warm, instead of in the winter when there is snow. Get new mulch laid out to spruce up your beds in the front of the company. Mulches come in a nice variety of colors, so you can get something that will help to make your building more eye-catching.

Pay Attention to Pruning

This is also a good time for pruning any existing shrubs and trees. Depending on when they were originally planted, and the last time they were pruned, they might be starting to look a little scraggly. Pruning is great for their health to keep them from needing to be replaced, and can make them look nicer. This can also be a good time to add some shrubs or trees if your front business landscape is looking rather bare.

Check the Borders

You may also want to think about refreshing the borders to the garden beds or adding new pavers to walkways. Landscape maintenance doesn’t end where the grass does, the bordering on your grounds does as well. If the grounds are older, they have been through a few winters, so they may need to be replaced to help rejuvenate the feel of the front of your building. Plus, if your pavers are starting to crack, having them replaced will help with the safety of your property. Our landscape services can help with this so that snow and ice will melt along the ground’s intended flow path, instead of melting into those border cracks.

Seasonal Planting

Spring is a great time of year for flowering plants on your commercial property grounds. These plants are often the first signs of spring and can make anyone happy as they see them starting to pop out of the ground. This is an excellent time to get started with your planting. Some popular spring plants are tulips, daffodils, crocuses, Dutch iris, and hyacinth. Our commercial landscaping services can take care of this for you!

Focus on Color

Since this landscape sits in front of a commercial building or business, you may want to focus on having just a few splashes of color rather than overloading it with color. For instance, keep to mostly trees and shrubs in the front, but add some small flower beds on either side of the entrance to greet visitors in an upbeat way. This is a great way to spruce up commercial property grounds. We have commercial landscaping services for this if you need them!

Spring Planting Choices

Your business may also want to consider the rest of the year in your spring planting decisions. Most of the spring plants listed will start to die down as summer approaches, and this will make your grounds look empty without any flowers. Planting your summer bulbs and plants around this same time can be a good idea. This will prevent you from possibly damaging your spring bulbs doing your summer planting. Some great summer plants include canna, begonias, elephant ears, dahlias, and gladiolus. Our company has great irrigation and landscape design installation team that can help you with your planting needs!

Ground Cover

Your company may want to consider adding some ground cover plants that are low-maintenance. This is especially important for commercial properties. The design installation of these plants is not as critical for their survival. These plants will look great at your business if you have a lot of area around your building. These usually add a nice amount of greenery, but they may also have blooms during the spring and summer that can add a nice little pop of color to your landscape. Butterfly milkweed, mondo grass, lady’s mantle, and northern prairie dropseed are just a few choices of ground cover that grow well in New Jersey. Our company can also help you pick, plant, and take care of any planting needs with our commercial landscaping services.


As a commercial property, you may want to consider adding some different landscaping features to the front of your building. Some examples can include new signage, an island, or even a small fountain. Spring is a great time to add these additions. Your new signage can work to draw more attention to your building, and would work well on an island. Water features, like fountains, can be fun for your employees, and be attractive to guests coming to your building. Our professional landscaping services are well-rounded and are sure to be able to help any landscaping needs you may have!

Employee Areas

You may just be focused on the landscaping in the front of the building, but it may also be time to consider landscaping in the areas where your employees may gather for breaks, lunch, or even client meetings on nice days. Sprucing up commercial properties for employees can have a great morale-boosting effect.

A Place to Sit and Unwind

You should think about adding a small patio or seating area if you don’t already have one as studies have found that employees that step away from their desks for breaks and lunches can better focus on their job thanks to that little reprieve. Add a little color to outdoor seating areas you offer to help give your employees a nice place to relax, so they can go back to work energized and ready to get things done.

A landscaper can help you if you are still feeling stuck and can’t seem to make your commercial landscape plans. A professional can also help you with accomplishing the current vision or plan that you have for the front of your building. Now is the time to improve your curb appeal, and make your clients and guests want to come to your place of business.

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