Masonry: Pavers vs.Tile Walkways in New Jersey

Masonry: Pavers vs.Tile Walkways in New Jersey

Upgrading the walkway to your home can go a long way in increasing the curb appeal of your house. After all, the walkway is one of the first things people notice when they’re entering your home. When you’re upgrading your walkway, you’ll have to make a decision between tile or pavers. Here are some things to consider when you make your decision! 

What Is the Difference Between Pavers and Tile Walkways

The main difference between pavers and tile is who they’re installed. Tiles are typically used for interior applications but can be used on outdoor surfaces such as patios and walkways. Common tile materials typically include ceramic, glass and concrete. 

Pavers are usually larger than standard tiles. A concrete foundation is poured and covered with sand or soft earth before pavers are laid by hand. Pavers are typically thicker than regular tiles but can be thinner depending on the material. Here is how the two stack up against one another:

The Different Types of Tile

Tile comes in a wide range of styles. It can be made out of ceramic, clay, porcelain, stone or concrete. It may also be patterned in different ways. Tile may be patterned with the design glazed onto the surface or it may be a solid color without glazing. 

The Different Types of Pavers

Pavers are usually the choice for heavy traffic areas like sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Materials like concrete, stone, brick, and limestone are used to make pavers. You can interlock pavers, making a solid, long-lasting surface that responds well to weather and other outdoor elements. 

Pros of Tiles

One of the bigger advantages of tiles is that they come in a wide variety of different styles and sizes. This makes it easy to work tiles into intricate designs with different colors. Tiles provide a sturdy walking surface similar to flooring which makes them common in outdoor areas. 

Tiles require little to no maintenance and are easy to take care of. They can maintain their initial appearance for many years depending on the elements they are exposed to. If concrete is already laid, tiles can be cheap. 

Pros of Pavers

Pavers are durable, typically only requiring soap and water to maintain and inexpensive. It comes in many different configurations which can be used to create interesting design patterns for hardscape areas. Pavers can be easily replaced when they are damaged and do not use grout that is easy to dirty. 

Cons of Tiles

Tile can be up to two times as expensive as pavers. Even though tile is durable when it comes to foot traffic, tiles should not be used anywhere landscaping equipment or vehicles may be traveling. If a tile is damaged, it requires labor by a skilled tile contractor and tiles can be hard to match. 

Cons of Pavers

Pavers aren’t as luxurious in appearance as tiles. Pavers offer fewer colors and texture patterns than tiles which means fewer design options. You can apply sealers every three to five years to prevent staining, but pavers are prone to outdoor grease, oil, and plant fluids. 

Chris James Landscaping Can Help!

If you’re considering upgrading your walkway in the New Jersey area, consider our team here at Chris James Landscaping. We can install pavers or tile walkways. We can also help you make a decision if you’re still deciding between the two. 

We work in the Waldwick, New Jersey area and offer our services to all of the surrounding areas. On top of walkways, we also offer residential landscaping services such as lawn care, irrigation, spring cleanup and more. We look forward to working with you!