Why You Need an Expert to Hand Prune Your NJ Home’s Ornamental Shrubs

The right kind of pruning enhances the beauty of your landscape trees and shrubs, making your New Jersey home’s garden all the more appealing and captivating. However, improper pruning can seriously damage the foliage and limit its landscape potential quite drastically. According to a Cornell University report entitled ‘An Illustrated Guide to Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs’, pruning should not be viewed as a remedy for ‘long neglected problems’, but as a part of regular maintenance.

© oocoskun- Fotolia.comIf you have ornamental shrubs and trees in your garden, careful as well as expert maintenance needs to be given and this includes pruning as well. Call in a qualified professional and he is sure to tell you how important it is to hand prune these shrubs and trees periodically to ensure that your garden looks its best.

Importance of hand pruning

As Professor Douglas F. Welsh puts it, improper pruning destroys more trees year after year than pests. When it comes to your carefully maintained ornamental shrubs and trees, extra care is necessary to ensure that they maintain their shape, form, health and beauty. Proper hand pruning has several benefits to offer:

  • It removes plant parts that are not required so that the tree/shrub can utilize extra energy for flower, fruit or limb development
  • The landscape value of the tree/shrub is preserved and enhanced by expert hand pruning
  • The tree/shrub can be trained to grow in the right direction/shape so that the overall beauty of the garden is enhanced
  • The quality of flowers/ fruit/stems/foliage is improved
  • Growth of the tree/shrub can be restricted as needed for the overall look and feel of the garden

Right Tools for the Job

A dizzying array of tools are available for hand pruning as mentioned in this Cornell University report. Only a professional with experience of performing this task knows which tools to use with different shrubs and trees to get the desired results. Using tools that are a poor fit, such as employing a pair of hand pruning shears for cutting stems thicker than half inch in diameter, could result in poor cuts. The use of improper tools or inefficient use of the right tools may result in severe damage to the tree or shrub. Often, wounds caused in this way need special care so that they heal quickly without causing the tree/shrub to lose its landscaping value.

There is little doubt that hand pruning your carefully nurtured ornamental shrubs and trees is a job best left to the experts. Just fill in our form to get expert care in hand pruning your beautiful ornamental shrubs at your New Jersey home and you are sure to see the difference in your flourishing, aesthetically-appealing garden.