Tips On Preparing Your Lawn For Winter Months

Tips On Preparing Your Lawn For Winter Months

When the winter months come, our lawns don’t need to be mowed once or twice a week as they did before. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps we should take to prepare for the cold weather. If you’re looking for a commercial landscape maintenance service, Chris James Landscaping can help you to take care of your commercial property and keep it looking nice all year long. 

Mow The Area During Winter Months

When the weather begins to turn, and it’s cold outside more than warm, you may notice that your lawn isn’t growing as fast. This means it is time to plan your last mow of the season. You don’t want to cut it too short; otherwise, you may have a brown lawn all season. 

A good rule of thumb is that once all the leaves have fallen off the trees in your area, it is time to stop mowing the lawn. Hiring dependable commercial landscaping services can help keep your commercial property looking nice all season long. That is why we will make sure we plan this out right and do the upkeep needed to keep it that way. 

Aerate The Lawn and Fertilize The Lawn

There are many steps that a professional lawn care company will take to ensure you do not end up with an unattractive commercial property. One of those steps is to aerate and fertilize the soil as part of your routine maintenance. Aerating is the process of poking holes throughout the lawn area with a specially designed tool. 

The next step is to fertilize after you finish aerating the entire lawn of your property. This helps to keep everything looking nice and well-kept. A test patch will be done to ensure the type of fertilizer you use is suitable for your soil. That way, what is used will be able to do its job successfully. 

Fill In The Bare Spots

If you look around your lawn area and notice holes, lumps, divots, or damage, this is the time to tend to it. Not only is this a liability to commercial properties, but it is a way to improve the overall appearance. If you hire us to do your landscape maintenance, we will first lay a layer of compost over it and then rake it around. 

When you rake over the compost, it is smoothing and spreading it out to cover the area and fully work it into the ground. Our employees all have the experience they need to know the best way to care for your lawn, including the type of compost to use. Many people don’t know that if your compost is too hot to the touch or has a powerful smell, it can burn the grass. 

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Call Chris James Landscaping today for more information on our commercial landscape maintenance service. We have packages available to meet the specific needs of your property and outdoor spaces. We also offer snow and ice removal services. Our business is located in Waldwick, NJ, and we help those in many of the surrounding areas, such as Hohokus, NJ, and more.