5 Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

5 Tips To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Chris James Landscaping is considered the leader in Northern New Jersey commercial landscaping and lawn care. We also clear snow and ice from commercial properties. The best way to stay accessible during the winter is to be prepared. Contact us here at Chris James Landscaping for more information on commercial lawn care in NJ. 

1. Leave Grass Short In The Winter

Think about your lawn mowing. When winter is quickly approaching, start lowering your deck every time you mow your lawn. A good landscape design will consist, in part, of shorter grass length, which will help deter field mice and other rodents from burrowing in your yard throughout the long winter. Consulting with commercial lawn care services can help you plan ahead for spring and summer grass and prepare your lawn. 

2. If You Have Cool Season Grass, Aerate It Before Winter Hits

Irrigate the lawn on your residential or commercial property a few days before you aerate it. You can use the compost you’ve been saving to fill holes that might be left by aerating the lawn. 

3. Overseed Your Yard

Fall is when you should seed cool-weather grasses. This will help boost the lawn in the spring by cutting down on the loss of grass during winter. For more efficient lawn care, use a rotary spreader for seeding if your lawn is too large to seed by hand. 

4. Use Fallen Leaves

If you do not do anything with fallen leaves, they can smother your lawn in the snow. Use fallen leaves for your compost after taking them from the yard. If you do not have the time or do not want to rake/remove leaves from your yard, you can mulch them with a mower to save yourself the hassle. Hiring someone to provide commercial lawn care services can help save you time with tasks such as this.

5. Maintain Compost and Use It For Insulation

For a healthy lawn, you can use trimmings from plants, sawdust, vegetables, fruits, etc., to make compost for your yard. Try to steer clear of inorganic materials or plants that may have been treated with pesticides. This compost will help keep your lawn/garden rich with nutrients when the colder months come. 

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