Reasons to Add Ornamental Evergreen Elements to New Jersey Fall and Winter Landscapes

Although evergreen shrubs seem unassuming, they are an integral part of the fall and winter landscapes for many homes. They serve an essential function of providing a backdrop for other garden elements while adding some visual interest to an area that might otherwise appear barren. When ornamental evergreens are used properly as part of a winter landscape, it can turn a seemingly boring New Jersey yard into a sensational seasonal scene. Consider a few great reasons to add ornamental evergreen elements to New Jersey fall and winter landscapes.

IMG_0212Creating a backdrop

There are several varieties of ornamental shrubs. They all have a wonderful capacity for providing a canvas for your other landscape elements to shine. Since there are so many varieties to choose from, the most difficult decision you will have is deciding on which one best suits your aesthetic tastes. To create a cohesive look, try to choose an evergreen shrub that highlights the fall flowers in your garden. You’ll be amazed at how much your fall flowers pop when they are in front of a solid dark green backdrop.

Year-round benefits

Evergreen shrubs and trees are so-named because they keep their color all 12 months of the year. Although extra color in the garden is not necessarily needed in the summer months when plants and flowers are in full bloom, it is especially helpful in the cooler months of the fall and winter since many of the flowers have either died or gone dormant. Having evergreens in the landscape prevent the area from looking stark. When there is no other visible life in the landscape, evergreens continue to provide some color.

Texture and size

Not only do evergreen shrubs and trees provide some much-needed color in the fall and winter, but they also provide texture and size. These garden elements are necessary when the weather starts to get cold. Many evergreens have pine needles that have a distinct look and texture. Although shrubs with pine needles are likely what most people think about when they consider evergreens, there are many other varieties. Some evergreens have small leaves and others are soft and fluffy. A great way to add texture and size to a cold-weather landscape is to combine different varieties of evergreens to create some additional visual interest to the area.


Larger evergreen shrubs and trees can serve a dual purpose in a New Jersey yard. Not only can they serve an important aesthetic function in the garden, but they can also provide a significant amount of privacy for those who live in the home. Since evergreens keep their greenery throughout the year, homeowners do not need to worry that full branches that protected the house from unwelcome eyes in the summer and spring are gone when the weather turns cold. Those same branches will still provide a high level of privacy to the yard and home all year long.

Screen bad views

Not only can evergreens keep unwanted people or animals out of your yard, but they can also keep you from being subjected to unsightly views. It is never pleasant to look out your window on a crisp winter’s morning only to see your neighbor’s unkempt yard that still has gardening equipment strewn all over the place, regardless of the fact that they haven’t raked anything in months. Sturdy evergreen trees will protect your eyes from seeing unsightly views and allow you to bask in the joy of your own home and well-landscaped yard.

Protection from the weather

Another benefit to having evergreens as part of a landscape scheme is to protect your house from the harsh weather New Jersey winters can bring. Evergreens are sturdy and can withstand cold or snowy weather. It is beneficial to have some sturdy evergreen trees in the yard to absorb some of the shock and keep everyone in the home safe from the outdoor elements.

Sound barriers

Evergreen shrubs and trees make great seasonal sound barriers. Even in the colder months there is still lots of outdoor activity in most neighborhoods. Although there are many welcoming sounds, there are also more unpleasant sounds such as traffic. Planting some strong evergreens can keep your house serene and assure that only desired sounds can enter your house.

Evergreen trees and shrubs are a great addition to any cool weather landscape in New Jersey. Not only do they provide some needed color, but they also act as a backdrop to the other elements of a landscape and help a homeowner create a consistent and manicured look throughout the yard. Evergreens also go beyond their obvious aesthetic appeal and also add elements of privacy and protection that any homeowner will love. If you are looking to add some evergreen elements to your New Jersey landscape, Chris James Landscaping can help you find the right pieces to fit your landscaping needs.

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